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Welcome to my "store", where I'll perpetually offer up my undercopies and things that I've decided to no longer collect. Unless otherwise mentioned in individual book grading notes, all books are complete with no missing pages, cutouts, etc., and no known restoration or pressing. 

Here's a link to my KUDOS THREAD

I try to grade conservatively and cut to the chase on prices from the get-go. Of course, if you think I'm off on something, I'm happy to discuss. Thanks for looking/shopping! :foryou:


Store Map (click the Aisle # for transportation)

  • AISLE 1: EC Comics
  • AISLE 2: Motorcycle Covers
  • AISLE 3: Assorted Collecting Themes
    • All-American Publication cover logo books
    • Billiards covers
    • February 1971 books (my birth month)
  • AISLE 4: Assorted Collecting Themes, continued
    • Chalkboard covers
    • Mad imitator books (satire)
    • Shark covers
    • SOTI/POP books
  • AISLE 5: Amazing Spider-Man 
  • AISLE 6: Avengers & Captain America
  • AISLE 7: Daredevil
  • AISLE 8: Fantastic Four
  • AISLE 9: Tales of Suspense & Iron Man
  • AISLE 10: Assorted Silver/Bronze Marvel
  • AISLE 11: Assorted Other Publishers
  • AISLE 12: Mad Magazines
  • AISLE 13: Other (non-Mad) Magazines

General Rules

  • No PL/HOS members, and I reserve the right to ask for references if you are a new/low post count boardie making a large purchase. Aside from that, the first taker wins, whether in the thread or via PM, based on time stamp.
  • The new board software does not display precise times that posts were made (either in PMs or in sales threads). So, although I don't like it, the first "take it" posted in the thread wins (whether a straight thread take it, or a "take it via PM" if we reached a deal via PM). I'll mark books SOLD as soon as reasonably possible; if I put a book ON HOLD, that book is not available for purchase until it comes back off HOLD


  • I'll take PayPal, personal checks, or USPS money orders;
  • I'll expect payment within 10 calendar days, or the book will be available for sale again (unless we've made other payment arrangements)
  • I'll gladly consider longer-term time payments, but PM me to discuss terms before taking a book if you need that.

Shipping Terms

  • USA:
    - Raw Comics: shipping via priority mail, $6 for up to 5 books, $10 for 6 or more books
    - Graded Comics: shipping via priority mail, $12 each book
    - Mad Magazines: qualify for media mail shipping, $4 flat regardless how many you buy
    - Other (non-Mad) Magazines: have ads, so have to go priority mail, at cost (around 10-12 mags will fit in a flat rate box for $12)
    - Of course, I'll combine shipping for multiple purchases to minimize your total shipping cost
  • Canada, UK or Australia:
    - we'll figure incremental shipping charges (either via first class or priority mail international, depending on package value and destination)
  • Other International Destinations:
    - case by case basis...I'll need to see if I'm comfortable with available shipping options


  • General Policy: I will accept returns for any reason within two weeks of your receipt of the books, as long as the books are returned to me as they were when you received them (note then that pressing of books will render them unreturnable). On raw book returns, you cover shipping cost back to me unless I messed up. On graded book returns, you cover shipping cost both ways. After two weeks, books are not returnable for any reason, except as specified below in the section entitled “Restoration and raw books.”
  • Restoration and raw books: I will offer a six month return policy for any raw books I have sold as unrestored that you submit for grading that come back as restored (or conserved). Upon the return to me of the slabbed book within six months of the date I shipped the book to you, I will refund your original amount paid to me (for the book plus shipping them to you). I will not refund any fees associated with grading/slabbing, including shipping the books to the grading company, or return shipping to me. Per the above “General policy,” if you have the book pressed in the process of grading it, it is unreturnable.
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Aisle 1: EC Comics


Crime SuspenStories #8, FN+ 6.5, $150 1/8” triangle chip ulbc; staple oxidation; reading stress; bit of a bend down through the “R” upper fc
Extra #1, VF- 7.5, $85 tiny split upper spine corner; few sm. chips out of leading edge bc (looks production-related); light interior cover tanning halos; small date (Jan. 14, 1955) written in pencil and again in ink lower margin of the splash page 
Gunfighter #10, GD/VG 3.0, $70 1” upper spine split with corner paper loss; more paper loss lrbc & llbc; general wear


Mad #2, CGC 6.5 CR/OW, $435
Mad #10, VG/FN 5.0, $135 Don & Maggie Thompson Copy (comes with a certificate from Worldwide Comics); chipping/small tears back cover edges; general wear fc edges and spine; sm. diag cb crease tip urfc; sm. corner tips out of several interior pages (production-related)
Mad #12 (Copy A), FN 6.0, $125 half-inch diag. tear coming into the bottom edge fc from lower spine corner; bit of fc creasing/wear through the “M” in Mad; nice pages; notorious nudity panel in "Starchie" 
Mad #12 (Copy B), GD+ 2.5, $30 half inch lower spine split; 2” upper spine split; other spine wear/chipping/tearing; semi-circle tear top edge fc; nice page quality; notorious nudity panel in "Starchie"


Mad #13, FN- 5.5, $125 Don & Maggie Thompson copy (comes with a Worldwide Comics certificate); few small chips back cover edge; moderate spine/cover edge wear; light center bend fc
Mad #15, VF 8.0, $325 light corner abrasions; bit of a light smudge leading edge bc; light cover edge wear; micro-tears around staples; small chips off of lower-right corners of some interior pages (production-related); cream-halos around edges of interior pages
Mad #17, FN 6.0, $95 back cover horiz. production crease; general spine/cover edge wear
Mad #18, FN 6.0, $95 chipping lower edge bc (production); general wear; sm. diag. crease urfc


Mad #19, VG/FN 5.0, $75 general wear; tiny bit of schmutz lower leading edge fc; missing corner tip lrfc
Mad #20 (Copy 1 of 2), VF 8.0, $250 deslabbed CGC 8.0 (comes with label); sm. sliver/chip leading edge bc; minor spine stress accum
Mad #20 (Copy 2 of 2), VG- 3.5, $40 light moisture staining bc also affects some interior pages (everything supple); half-inch tear lower edge fc; few color abrasions fc; overall a solid book, but moisture stains kill the technical grade


Mad #21 (Copy 1 of 2), FN/VF 7.0, $150 chipping on leading edge bc (looks production-related)
Mad #21 (Copy 2 of 2), VG+ 4.5, $60 chipping on leading edge bc (looks production-related); creases on urfc and lrfc; spine stress; a few light staining spots here and there
Mad #22, VG/FN 5.0, $75 inch-and-a-half tear leading edge bc; sm. cb crease lrfc


Panic #1 (Copy 1 of 2), FN 6.0, $100 really clean, solid copy with one problem – there’s very light moisture staining on the upper right and lower left corner that essentially runs cover-to-cover – no paper rippling or other issues…you can't really see it in the scans, but it’s there, nonetheless; light cover edge wear; without the light moisture staining, book would be VF-‘ish
Panic #1 (Copy 2 of 2), VG- 3.5, $50 back cover edge wear; pretty heavy spine and fc edge wear; numerous cb creases on fc


Panic #8, FN/VF 7.0, $45 couple small edge chips; spine corner abrasions; light wear
Panic #10, FN/VF 7.0, $45 light diag. crease/bend llbc; spine stress; light cover edge wear; light interior cover tanning halos


Tiny Tot Comics #1, VG+ 4.5, $70 small dot-to-dot picture completed in pencil interior back cover; cover edge wear; corner blunting; spine wear, etc.
Two-Fisted Tales #36, VF 8.0, $100 light overall wear; quarter-inch tear lower edge fc


War Against Crime #5, GD/VG 3.0, $75 moisture stain through entire book lrfc; general wear; pencil in "C" on fc, other pencil writing on the fc has been erased, but remnants still there; cf almost detached lower staple; supple pages
Weird Fantasy #19,  VG/FN 5.0, $90 cover edge wear; few sm. chips leading edge bc; spine stress; slight tearing around lower staple (still solid attachment); three-quarter-inch lower spine split 
Weird Fantasy #22,  VG 4.0, $50 moisture stain lower spine corner through book; sm. chips/bits of paper loss tip llbc and lower edge fc; general spine/edge wear; grease pencil mark in the “W” on fc; tanning halos
Weird Science #16, VG/FN 5.0, 
$200 bit of schmutz on back cover; back cover thin dust shadow; general wear fc; light stain fc running through the “S” in “SCIENCE”; light, thin stain bottom edge fc

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Aisle 2: Motorcycle Covers

Golden Age


All American Men of War #3, VG+ 4.5, $85 general wear; few chips out of bc edges; sm. moisture stain lower spine corner
Blackhawk #94, FN- 5.5, $40 general wear; grease pencil “a” fc (over “BLIND VICTORY”)
Mighty Midget Comics (Minute Man) #12, CGC 9.2 OW/W, $60
Police Comics #74, CGC 5.0 CR/OW, $85


Real Clue Crime Stories (Vol. 5) #4, FN- 5.5, $20 light cover edge wear; sm. diag. cb creases urfc and lrfc; light but long diag. crease/bend back cover
Shocking Mystery Cases #58, GD+ 2.5, $45 heavy all-around wear; remnants of some writing lower bc; cover detached lower staple; top staple still hanging on
Strictly Private #1, CGC 8.0 CR/OW, $225
Vacation Parade #1, CGC 5.5 OW, $225

Silver/Bronze Age


Adventures Into the Unknown #99, VF 8.0, $35 light cover edge wear; spine stress accum; “6/19” in light pencil fc (to the left of the cycle)
Brave and the Bold #91, VF- 7.5, $10 spine stress accum; mild edge wear; small cb crease tip lrfc
Brother Power the Geek #1, CGC 7.5 W, $35
Detective Comics #307, CGC 9.0 OW, $115


Detective Comics #396, CGC 9.4 W, $250 Pacific Coast pedigree
Mighty Comics #42, VF 8.0, $15 light edge wear; spine stress accum ; motorcycle cover
Mutt and Jeff #140, CGC 9.4 OW/W, $50 File copy
Mystery in Space #89, FN/VF 7.0, $38 light wear; hint of a long ncb bend fc


Sad Sack and the Sarge #14, VF- 7.5, $15 mild crunchie/crinkling lower spine corner; motorcycle cover; File copy
Sad Sack and the Sarge #30, VF+ 8.5, $20 lower spine corner blunting; light edge wear; File copy
Showcase #59, VG/FN 5.0, $30 foxing; spine wear with small chip; sm. chip out upper spine corner
Showcase #88, VF+ 8.5, $12 spine stress accum; minor spine corner blunting
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #83, VF- 7.5, $14 light edge wear; spine stress; motorcycle cover


Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #91, VF- 7.5, $14 lower spine corner crunchie/crinkle; bit of creasing ulbc
Tender Love Stories #1, VG 4.0, $10 couple crinkles/creases on a few interior pages; general cover wear; reading creasing next to spine; Tough to find Skywald


World of Wheels #22, FN+ 6.5, $6 general wear; thin light smudge urbc next to spine
World of Wheels #26, VF- 7.5, $10 spine stress accum; wear/tiny crease tip of llbc
Young Romance #148, FN+ 6.5, $6 spine stress; bit of creasing lrfc; couple tiny spots of soiling on fc

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Aisle 3: Assorted Collecting Themes

All-American Publications Cover Logo Books


Comic Cavalcade #11, CGC 3.5 CR/OW, $165 SOLD

Billiards Covers


Archie Giant Series #33, VG 4.0, $9 squarebound; bit of tearing/splitting upper and lower spine corners; moderate size moisture stain bottom center fc
Archie's Madhouse #21, VG/FN 5.0, $10 bit of creasing ulbc; small tip off lrfc; moderate general wear; "JUL 10" fc stamp
Popular Comics #124, CGC 7.0 OW/W, $60


(My) Birth-Month Books (February 1971 cover date)


Action Comics #397, FN 6.0, $5 interior cover tanning; several small water droplet stains interior fc and bc; general wear 
Adventure Comics #402, FN 6.0, $5 general wear; lower spine corner crunchie; lrfc diag. crease/bend 


Archie and Me #40, FN/VF 7.0, $5 sm. bit of creasing tip lrfc; minor foxing; bump indentation bottom center fc
Archie Comics #206, FN 6.0, $3 fc color scrape through the "A"; sm. crease tip urfc; light wear; minor bit of staple rust spotting
Astonishing Tales #4, FN/VF 7.0, $7 light wear; little bit of schmutz lower right back cover
Baby Snoots #3, VF 8.0, $6 minor spine stress; tiny lower corner crunchie

th_heehaw4_f.jpgth_heehaw4_r.jpg th_jughead189_f.jpgth_jughead189_r.jpgth_millie188_f.jpgth_millie188_r.jpg

Hee-Haw #4, FN/VF 7.0, $8 light cover wear; sm. indentation/crunch lower edge bc
Jughead #189, VF 8.0, $5  light cover edge wear and corner blunting
Millie the Model #188, FN+ 6.5, $15 general wear/light creasing bc; fc top edge wear


Sgt. Fury #84, FN/VF 7.0, $5 lower spine corner crunchie; that's a production crease through "COMMANDOS"
Spooky Spooktown #38, VF/NM 9.0, $15 nice square-bound
Sub-Mariner #34, VF- 7.0, $30; prelude to the creation of the Defenders; top edge distributor ink; spine stress accum; bit of wear leading edge fc
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #108, VF- 7.5, $15 sm. diag crease tip urfc; light reading wear along spine


Teen Titans #31, FN+ 6.5, $10 crease/bend ulbc; edge wear; diag crease lrfc 
Thor #185, VF+ 8.5, $25 dist. ink top edge; couple production creases lower leading edge fc
World's Finest #200, VG/FN 5.0, $5 creasing/sm. tear bc edge; fc creasing

Edited by EC ed

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Aisle 4: Assorted Collecting Themes, continued...

Chalkboard Covers


Archie's Pal Jughead #83, VG- 3.5, $4 "FEB 20" date stamp; big creases back cover; chipping top edge bc; light moisture stains here and there on the covers
Betty and Me #6, FN/VF 7.0, $15 couple long cover creases/bends that don’t break color
Betty and Me #20, FN/VF 7.0, $8 slight diag. bend urbc; cover edge wear; diag. cb crease tip of lrfc


Cookie #3, FN/VF 7.0, $55 nice PQ; wear on the spine corners; spine stress accum.; tiny horiz. tear leading edge bc
Devil Kids Starring Hot Stuff #18, VF/NM 9.0, $20 slight wear leading edge fc; small bend tip urfc
Girl Comics #7, VG/FN 5.0, $32 spine wear; center vertical crease with a little color break on the upper half of the fc; pencil code upper bc
More Fun Comics #111, FN+ 6.5, $130 spine corner blunting; fc dust shadow top and leading edges; few ncb reading bends fc


Superboy #12, CGC 6.0 W, $275
Vic Verity #3, VG+ 4.5, $25
 lower spine corner wear/chip; diag crease ulbc; diag. crease urfc with some color break
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #61, VG/FN 5.0, $65 lower spine corner wear/chip; slight spine roll; spine stress accum; couple of long, straight creases/bends fc

Mad Imitators


Crazy #1, GD+ 2.5, $70 comprehensive wear; few bits of moisture staining here and there; cover is basically detached at lower staple; 2” upper spine split; 1” lower spine split; despite all that, the book presents really well


Nuts #5, GD 2.0, $15 cover is effectively detached (although technically hanging on by a thread at the lower staple); heavy wear; interior cover tanning halos; bit of staple rust migration
Riot #3, GD/VG 3.0, $35 a few random moisture-droplet-type stains, plus a front cover ring stain (like the book was a coaster for a drink); overall wear; couple small pieces out of corners; pinholes through the entire book lrfc, urfc, and ulfc (someone must have tacked this onto a wall at some point)

Shark Covers


Spooky #60, VF 8.0, $20 bit of wear on the edge of urfc keeps it down
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #1, FN 6.0, $15



Classics Illustrated #89, GD/VG 3.0, $5 POP illo.; HRN 89 (1st printing); overall wear; lots of cb creasing on the fc
Jungle Comics #98, VG+ 4.5, $50 SOTI Illo; quarter-inch lower spine split; general wear; cover tearing around staples, but still attached; back cover stamp
Lawbreakers Always Lose #7, GD 2.0, $25 SOTI Illo #3 with caption, "Comic-book philosophy." piece of tape upper spine; chipping/paper loss around edges as seen in scans; general wear; staples still holding everything nicely together all the way through; brittleness around the edges on the interior pages, but I just flipped through it and nothing is presently flaking off...still a serviceable copy.
Your United States #nn; FN+ 6.5, $75 general wear; corner abrasions

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Aisle 5: Amazing Spider-Man


Amazing Spider-Man #35, VG- 3.5, $25 moderate to heavy wear; 7” diag. crease urfc; few small moisture stain/droplet spots here and there; half-inch upper spine split
Amazing Spider-Man #37, VG+ 4.5, $35 heavy spine wear; general wear overall 
Amazing Spider-Man #47, FN/VF 7.0, $55 leading edge fc and bc dust shadow; lrfc wear; "1-5-67" in ink fc
Amazing Spider-Man #52, FN 6.0, $30 light tanning halos interior covers; couple sm. moisture stain droplets; cb creasing urfc; note the “61” in ink ulfc


Amazing Spider-Man #53, GD/VG 3.0, $12 half-inch lower spine tear/split; few small bc edge tears; heavy fc creasing/wear  
Amazing Spider-Man #57, GD/VG 3.0, $10 tanning halos; full length subscription crease through whole book; moisture staining along edges and spine corners; sm. triangle out llbc
Amazing Spider-Man #68, VG/FN 5.0, $18
Amazing Spider-Man #74, VG+ 4.5, $15


Amazing Spider-Man #81, FN- 5.5, $16
Amazing Spider-Man #85, GD/VG 3.0, $7
Amazing Spider-Man #87, FN+ 6.5, $25



Amazing Spider-Man #91, VG/FN 5.0, $15
Amazing Spider-Man #95, VG/FN 5.0, $15
Amazing Spider-Man #190, VF+ 8.5, $10

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Aisle 6: Avengers & Captain America



Avengers #136, VF- 7.5, $8 minor wear along the spine; tiny indentation on fc in the "A" of "Avengers"; bend on tip of lower right corner
Avengers #164, VF 8.0, $5 nice copy; minor bits of foxing on the inside cover edges; Byrne's first work on the series

Captain America


Captain America #120, VF- 7.5, $15 nice copy here; minor cover edge wear, minor spine stress accumulation, light color breaks on the leading edge corner tips, and a bit of corner blunting
Captain America #128, VG/FN 5.0, $6 general wear/creasing; pinhole on FC in the CCA seal
Captain America #134, FN+ 6.5, $7 light diag crease lrfc; cover edge wear

Edited by EC ed

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Aisle 7: Daredevil


Daredevil #5, FN/VF 7.0, $115 light/moderate tanning halos interior covers; light cover edge wear
Daredevil #10, VG 4.0, $16 fc/bc light stain spots, no paper rippling; fc creasing; note ink writing DD's left tricep
Daredevil #19, FN+ 6.5, $20 corner blunting; spine stress; small color scrape on the "I" in "DAREDEVIL"; note ink arrival date on DD's back


Daredevil #27, GD/VG 3.0, $5 foxing; heavy wear all over the place; staples still holding all the way through
Daredevil #36 (Copy A), FN+ 6.5 Apparent, $8 slight color touch along leading edge and spine with bleed through
Daredevil #36 (Copy B), GD 2.0, $3 beater; half-inch top and bottom spine splits; tape on interior cover and on bottom staple
Daredevil #39, VG+ 4.5, $8 light moisture stain leading edge through whole book - no paper rippling; centerfold detached at top staple (which kills the technical grade, of course)


Daredevil #45 (Copy A), NM- 9.2, $48 slight distributor ink spray top edge
Daredevil #45 (Copy B), GD+ 2.5, $2 big moisture stain lower spine corner spans both front and back covers (from bottom edge to lower staple); bottom staple rust; piece out of urfc
Daredevil #47, FN 6.0, $8 BC needs a dry clean; production creasing FC
Daredevil #52, Incomplete 0.5, $2 missing last two pages (doesn't affect story); otherwise, would be a 7.0'ish


Daredevil #67, FN 6.0, $8 general creasing/crinkling
Daredevil #193, GD/VG 3.0, $0.50 comprehensive wear; big moisture stain upper back cover

Edited by EC ed

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Aisle 8: Fantastic Four


Fantastic Four #37, VG 4.0, $22 tanning; fc subscription crease
Fantastic Four #51, VG 4.0, $20 couple tiny stains fc edge; fc sub crease; half-inch upper spine split


Fantastic Four #99, FN 6.0, $8 diag. crease ulbc
Fantastic Four #105, VG 4.0, $4 tiny piece of tape stuck on back cover for no reason; lower spine corner crunchie; 1/4" tear upper edge bc; foxing; cb crease LRFC
Fantastic Four #107, FN+ 6.5, $12 mild tanning; dist. Ink top edge
Fantastic Four #115, VG+ 4.5, $5 minor foxing; general wear; 5/8" lower spine split


Fantastic Four #132, FN/VF 7.0, $8 light wear top edge back cover; wear/light crinkling on spine corners; arrival date in ink in the "F" of "FANTASTIC"
Fantastic Four #133, VG/FN 5.0, $5 bit of soiling back cover; general wear; few cb creases on the FC corners; spine stress accumulation; arrival date in pen FC
Fantastic Four #139, VF- 7.5, $8 couple tiny leading edge tears back cover; blunting on the spine corners; glossy


Fantastic Four #160, FN/VF 7.0, $4 diag. crease that barely breaks color URFC; minor spine stresses and edge wear
Fantastic Four #164, VF 8.0, $7 light cover edge wear; minor spine stress; minor blunting on spine corners
Fantastic Four #200, VF 8.0, $6 bit of wear on the tip of upper left back cover; square bound - wear on FC from staples; few small spine stress lines

Edited by EC ed

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Aisle 9: Tales of Suspense & Iron Man

Tales of Suspense


Tales of Suspense #46, FN- 5.5, $100 spine stress; quarter-inch vert. tear lower edge fc; bit of smudging/rub fc under the big “S” in Suspense; name “Gene” written in ink center fc
Tales of Suspense #49, CGC 6.5 OW/W, $250
Tales of Suspense #55, FN- 5.5, $40 general wear; spine corner abrasions; quarter-inch vert. tear top edge fc; couple of ink “plus” marks next to the fc price box
Tales of Suspense #62, VG 4.0, $15 moderate spine stress accum; general cover wear/creasing; hint of a light nickel-sized moisture stain LRFC…very subtle


Tales of Suspense #68, FN 6.0, $15 initials "DP" on margin of splash page; 1/2" tear in margin of 13th page; top edge dist. ink; general wear
Tales of Suspense #69, VG- 3.5, $5 moderate back cover wear; big horizontal crease on the FC; spine stress; other heavy creasing FC
Tales of Suspense #75, VG/FN 5.0, $30 wear/microtearing top edge BC; moderate spine stress; spine corner wear; first Sharon Carter.


Tales of Suspense #79, VG+ 4.5, $10 few BC leading edge tears; spine stress/wear; general edge wear
Tales of Suspense #83, FN+ 6.5, $15 very small half-circle light moisture stain bottom edge of book…hits all pages
Tales of Suspense #95, FN/VF 7.0, $15 interior cover light tanning halos; ink stamp back cover; cover edge wear

Iron Man


Iron Man #19, VG- 3.5, $3 few small stains here and there; spot of color loss (tape pull?) on the upper FC edge; general creasing/wear
Iron Man #23, GD/VG 3.0, $2 pretty big stain BC that penetrates to interior cover; another small bit on the FC; geeral wear; FC basically detached from bottom staple

Edited by EC ed

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Aisle 10: Assorted Silver/Bronze Marvel


Amazing Adventures 6, VG- 3.5, $65 moderate FC wear & creasing; distributor/dealer went heavy on the ink spray on the top and bottom edge
Creatures on the Loose 22, VF 7.5, $8 First comic book appearance of Thongor; nice copy; tiny chip off the urfc knocks it down; also, tiny bit of wear on the leading edge fc


Ghost Rider 21, VG+ 4.5, $2 creasing, etc..
Incredible Hulk #152, FN/VF 7.0, $10 small diag. creases tips of urfc and lrfc; bit of reading stress
Ka-Zar 1, VG+ 4.5, $5 Hidden profanity cover; 68-page squarebound giant.; "75" in pencil on back cover; 1/4" tear leading edge back cover; 3/4" lower spine split; writing/store stamp on Kazaar's chest
Marvel Super Heroes #14, 6.5 FN+, $18 square bound; general wear; diag. creasing/wear lrfc; cb diag. crease tip of urfc
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 11, VF/NM or better, $5


Marvel Team-Up 18, FN-, $4 moderate ncb wear on the fc; light diagonal crease lrfc


Not Brand Echh #1, NM- 9.2, $65 light spine corner blunting; couple spine bumps 
Not Brand Echh #2, FN 6.0, $7 cover edge wear; bit of creasing here and there on tips and edges 
Not Brand Echh #3, GD/VG 3.0, $3 moderate overall wear; triangles missing lower fc corners; ink price & scribble top bc; tearing around staples (although still attached, technically speaking)
Not Brand Echh #4, VF- 7.5, $10 light cover edge wear; spine stress; slight tearing around top staple 


Not Brand Echh #5, FN/VF 7.0, $8 light, general wear; couple of cover bends here and there; small “120” written in pen top margin of splash page
Not Brand Echh #6, FN/VF 7.0, $10 light, general wear; couple of diag. ncb bends lrfc 
Not Brand Echh #7, FN/VF 7.0, $7 light cover edge wear; vertical cb crease lower fc next to leading edge 
Not Brand Echh #8, VG/FN 5.0, $3 chip out ulbc corner tip; sm. stain top edge bc; cover edge wear; cf detached top staple


Nick Fury 5, FN 6.0, $16 cover edge wear; cb wear tip of LRFC; spine stress accumulation; tiny semicircular stain top edge FC
Outlaw Kid #4, FN 6.0, $3 couple of very light vertical non-color breaking creases FC that you can't see in the scan; minor tearing around lower staple
Secret Wars II 9, VF+, $2


Spectacular Spider-Man 11, VF-, $4
Spectacular Spider-Man 17, FN, $1
Spectacular Spider-Man 18, FN/VF, $4


Sub-Mariner #2 (Copy A), VF+ 8.5, $52 light cover edge wear; a few spine stresses; nice gloss
Sub-Mariner #2 (Copy B), GD+ 2.5, $5 interior cover tanning halos; general wear/creasing; 4” back cover tear coming down from the top edge; last interior page has similar tear
Sub-Mariner #3, VF 8.0, $28 mild cover miswrap; light edge wear; mild spine stress


Sub-Mariner #4, FN- 5.5, $10 diag cb crease LRFC; normal edge wear; “R.O.” written in ink lower margin of splash page
Sub-Mariner #6, FN 6.0, $8 date and name written in pen on splash page margins (see scan below)
Sub-Mariner #7, VG/FN 5.0, $7 diag crease urbc; 2” vertical. pen mark bottom center fc; “R.O.” in ink lower splash page margin; light creasing lrfc


Sub-Mariner #9, FN/VF 7.0, $14 wear on the fc upper edge overhang; minor spine stress accum.; mild abrasion on Subby’s face in the fc logo box
Sub-Mariner #10, VG 4.0, $6 ink bottom edge; cb creases on tips of urfc and lrfc; cover detached at lower staple


Tales to Astonish #49, GD/VG 3.0, $70 lots of BC crumpling/creasing; some light moisture staining (several nickel/quarter sized spots) on back cover; same story on the front cover; looks like a couple of the edge stains also hit a few interior pages; bit of paper loss/chipping LRFC; everything is held solidly together; supple pages
Tales to Astonish #101, VG/FN 5.0, $10 few stain spots upper edge bc; light interior cover tanning halos; general wear
The Thing 1, FN/VF, $1


Thor #145, FN+ 6.5, $18 creasing/crinkling upper spine corner, front and back;
Thor #147, GD/VG 3.0, $5 heavy cb creasing fc; tape pull llfc
Thor #149, GD+ 2.5, $5 heavy creasing; sm. piece missing top edge fc; tearing along spine; half-inch tear leading edge fc; everything attached


X-Men #37, VF+ 8.5, $78 dust shadow back cover edge, and a tiny sliver of one on the leading edge fc; tiny cb crease tip of urfc; minor spine stress accum.
X-Men #67, VF- 7.5, $38 tiny spot of schmutz upper bc spine; light cover edge wear; slight reading creasing lower spine back cover…not bad for a square bound, though
Uncanny X-Men 158, VG/FN 5.0, $4 wear top edge BC; light, general cover wear; center crease that barely breaks color on the FC - crease runs about 2/3 length of book; cb wear on the top of URFC

Edited by EC ed

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Aisle 11: Assorted Other Publishers


Battle 65, VG 4.0, $30 mild interior cover tanning; couple minor tears on a couple interior page margins; 1/2" vertical tear lower edge FC; moderate cover wear/creasing; bit of chipping out of the leading edge FC
Battle #66, VG/FN 5.0, $45 bc dust shadows; interior cover tanning halos; quarter-inch tear leading edge fc; spine wear


Classics Illustrated #138 (1st printing, HRN 136), VG/FN 5.0, $10 bit of paper loss lower spine corner/edge + bit of chipping/chew top edge - otherwise sharp
Crime Does Not Pay #78, FN 6.0, $40 cover edge wear; bit of tearing around upper staple - still solid attachment

Crisis on Infinite Earths 2, VF/NM or better, $3
Crisis on Infinite Earths 9, VF/NM or better, $5


Daredevil Comics #40, VG/FN 5.0, $48 couple chips out at top and bottom of spine


Green Lantern #73, VF 8.0, $25 light wear; spine stress accum; hint of a reading bend next to spine
House of Secrets #90, CGC 8.5 OW/W, $60
Micronauts #1, CGC 4.5 OW/W, $5
 If you've been looking for a cheap "new case" slabbed book to experiment with, crack out, etc., here it is


Young Men #8, CGC 7.0 W, $175


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Aisle 12: Mad Magazines


Mad #25, VG+4.5, $70 slight spine roll; general wear; half-inch lower spine split
Mad #26, VG 4.0, $45 half-inch lower spine split; general wear
Mad #28, VG/FN 5.0, $70 "very useful Income Tax Guide" cover (there were 3 different cover variants); full-length vertical crease bc kills the technical grade…otherwise a sweet copy; light fc edge wear
Mad #30, VG/FN 5.0, $90 front edge slightly rolled; moderate spine/cover edge wear


Mad Disco, VG 4.0, $4 record present but detached; cf detached top staple; top staple still holding on to cover, but barely
Mad 101, GD 2.0, $1.25 bc fold-in creased; 2" cumulative spine split; staple rust no migration
Mad 109, VG+ 4.5, $3 fold-in not creased; no staple rust; foxing; 1" spine split
Mad 113, VG 4.0, $2.75 bc fold-in creased; no staple rust; 3/4" spline split below lower staple


Mad 114, VG 4.0, $2.75 bc fold-in creased; minor staple rust no migration
Mad 117, VG+ 4.5, $3.50 bc fold-in creased; no staple rust
Mad 118, GD- 1.5, $1.25 bc fold-in creased; no staple rust; 3" cumulative spine split; cover almost detached upper staple
Mad 119, GD 2.0, $1.50 bc fold-in creased; 2" spine split



Here's a group lot of old Mad Annuals - these will provide hours and hours of reading insanity :insane:

Here's what you get, along with approximate grades:

The Worst From Mad #1 (GD/VG), #2 (VG-), #3 (VG-), #4 (GD/VG), #5 (GD/VG), #9 (VG-) (total OSPG $120)
Mad Follies #3 (VG/FN), #5 (GD) (total OSPG $15)
More Trash From Mad #11 (GD) (OSPG $2)
Mad Special #1 (GD) (OSPG $4)

Bonus inserts are missing from all books. If they had the bonus inserts, OSPG would be about $280 for the group...without inserts, OSPG gets cut in half to $140'ish...

Get this pile out of my house for $50 shipped in the USA. :insane:






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Aisle 13: - Other Magazines


Savage Sword of Conan #4, FN 6.0, $5 sm. chip lower spine corner; light bc stacking dirt; spine stress; cover edge wear
Savage Sword of Conan #6, FN 6.0, $5 few dimples fc; spine wear; lower spine corner crunchie
Savage Sword of Conan #21, VG 4.0, $2 heavy spine stress; long vertical crease/bend fc 
Savage Sword of Conan #22, FN- 5.5, $3 bc dust shadows; moderate tanning halos throughout book, but everything still supple; general wear 


Savage Sword of Conan #23, FN+ 6.5, $4 diag. crease llbc; sm.  triangles out lower right corner of some interior pages (production-related); bit of a crinkle upper spine corner
Savage Sword of Conan #24, VF- 7.5, $5 light edge wear; light spine stress; sm. diag crease lrfc 

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Reserved for future store expansion

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A couple new Tales of Suspense issues added to Aisle 9  :smile:

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