A tip for newbies and returnees alike... Turn ON your Sigs
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2 minutes ago, ADAMANTIUM said:

Making a theme is fun. The only hang up is that it can feel like your avatar, as In, people remember your cool pics rather than your name. 


4 minutes ago, bababooey said:

Tried it.  Nope.


alexa cgc site.png



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16 minutes ago, Pontoon said:

I've had them turned off for a good 10-11 years. Ugh. Even if load times weren't an issue, all that visual clutter is. Can't stand them.

I agree with all of this.  

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14 minutes ago, awe4one said:

How do I get them to display?


how d

I get them to display?

You have a Sig line, but the images aren't showing...only links...

If you meant how do you show your Sig line, it's under account settings at the top of the page :foryou:

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