For Sale- Barry Windsor Smith Avengers 99 page 18

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Hi folks,

An unexpected bill has come up and I am making this available for sale- Avengers 99 page 18 by Barry Windsor Smith and Tom Sutton. The two Olympians Kratos and Bia prepare to drag an amnesia-stricken Hercules back to Olympus over a fallen Cap and Iron Man and Hawkeye, Rick Jones and the Scarlet Witch do their best to stop them.  This one is 11K. I will take papal and will split the fees and the shipping with the buyer. There  is a small piece missing, very top center (as shown in the scan), as I purchased it from Mike Burkey but this does NOT affect the art........ Signed "Barry Smith". This one is 11K.  PM me thru here or my CAF gallery.






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