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Starting July 1st we will be providing our CGC Mail Away Facilitation Services free of charge to any customers who are members of the CGC forums and submitting on our account. 


What does that mean exactly:


It means that starting July 1st any customer who submits a book to us for a convention or mail in signing will no longer pay the normal $5 handling fee per signature that most facilitators charge. We will be waiving that fee for all events, and creators as long as the customers submit on our account. (with the amount of talent we manage we will be at these events anyways, so we no longer need to bill our customers for money to travel there)


So for example previously Chris Claremont charged $10.00 for a CGC Signature. This meant that you would pay Chris $10 per signature, and then a facilitator $5 per signature and finally CGC around $55-$60ish per book to grade, and ship your book back. Starting July 1st we will be removing the facilitation handling fee for all customers who submit on our account. So your price to submit to us after July 1st would be Chris Claremont $10, CGC $55-60ish. 


This discount is good for members of the CGC forum only. If successful we will then launch it across other media platforms. So if you are a member of the forums please make sure that you let us know when emailing us, or messaging us on facebook so that we can ensure you get the discount. 

This discount is good for any creator at any show or signing that we attend. It does not have to be a creator we manage. Moving forward (starting July 1st, SDCC books will count) all books subbed on our account (by CGC Forum Customers) for any creator at any show will only be billed the creator signing fee and cgc fee. If the creators sign for free then you only pay for CGC. 

Celebrity handling fees will remain $25 (Stan lee will count as a celebrity) 

Books that are submitted but are not submitted on our account will still incur the $5 handling fee per signature. 


Any questions just ask. 

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