[CLOSED] The Mostly First Appearance Sale

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This is my first sales thread so go easy on me , newer to these boards but selling on eBay for awhile 



No enemies of the state or comic alliance 

1st :takeit: in threads trumps any ongoing pm’s. 

Open to serious offers 

Shipping to CONUS only 

$8 issue / 2 issue lots 

$12 NYX lot /slabs 

I’m running this sale for for a few days , I’ll be out of town from Friday to Monday and will check in as often as time allows

paypal is preferred , I will ship once cleared 

No Returns , unless it’s damaged enroute , we can work something out 

consider all slabs pressed 

Batman Adventures #12 ( 1st Harley Quinn)- CGC 3.5 $200

Amazing Spider-Man #361 (1st Carnage )-CGC 9.4 $140

Preacher  #2 (1st Arseface)-CGC S/S Garth Ennis 9.2 $140

Amazing Spider-Man 252 VF (1st Symboite in SM series )also included is Amazing Spider-Man 316 VG ( 1st Venom cover) view pictures for damage -$60

Cable/ Deadpool 1 NM -$50

Eternal Warrior 4 VF +/ Rai 0 VF Bloodshot lot- $60 

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (2008) NM / Incredible Hulk # 271 VF (first RR- would be NM but has 1” tear on back ) $165

Old Man Logan #25 virgin color variant lot-both NM $65

Supermans Pal Jimmy Olsen VG #134 (1st Darkseid) $125

JLA # 21 VG (1st silver age JSA) $110

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 NM (1st spider Gwen) $100

Amazing Spider-Man #36 VF +/NM (WTC 9/11 issue) $45

Star Wars #42 F/VF ( 1st Boba Fett in series ) $55

Action Comics #340 (1st Parasite ) G/VG $55

NYX #4 (2nd App of X-23) VF +/ NM - also included in the lot 

NYX #1,2,5 / X-23 (Marvel Next)  

# 1,2,5,6 ( all VF or better)


Batman #665 ( 1st Damian)VF +/ NM $40

thanks !






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Did you do that one yourself?

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Did you do that one yourself?


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