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Before we get started on the facts and figures, here’s another wonderful cover – ‘Teen-Age Love’ #30:



Beautiful! I do like busy split-scene cover, the red colouring and the heart shaped ‘O’:



I purchased this copy because I thought it was a price variant of a pence priced variant (I know, I know). Its UK price should look like this (old 9d pricing):



The sellers online picture was fuzzy…



…so I took a chance that the ‘6p’ that I could see was a printed price. Wouldn’t that have been cool! On arrival it turned out that the 6p was in fact a sticker:




Unusually, the stickers background was also red, hence the appearance of a genuine ‘price variant’ in the fuzzy photo. Never mind (I’ve found other copies with the exact same sticker by the way, and will post them at a later date with my thoughts).

The good news is that I now have two copies of ‘Teen-Age Love’ #30, so I’ve taken one of them and scanned its entire contents for your reading pleasure.

Accordingly, here are the entire contents of the book. It’s a great read and includes our lovely cover star looking as stern inside the book as she does on the cover!

1a.jpg.2aff1b74266b7e3108021bdc8390c4b6.jpg  1b.jpg.f63c4152538650395017664a26d8fa3f.jpg


Have fun reading :headbang:










































P.S. I have two copies of Konga #1 too, so you’ll get the full story of that book too soon :headbang:

P.P.S. There’s a post regarding genuine US price variants coming soon, so do keep watching :headbang::headbang:




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In an earlier post I mentioned the three broad ‘UK’ phases I intended to cover in this thread as being:

1.      Printed Cents priced comics with Thorpe & Porter distribution stamps (1959/1960)

2.      Printed Pence priced Charlton comics from L Miller (1960/1963) – the variants of this thread’s sub-title

3.      Intermittent dual Pence / Cents copies (1973/1975 and beyond)


Phase 1 - Thorpe & Porter Stamped Cents Copies

In respect of the first phase, I’ve found many examples of cents priced Charlton books dated prior to the L Miller pence printed phase which have Thorpe & Porter price stamps on them. The books date around 1959 to 1960 so it seems that Thorpe & Porter were importing cents copies to the UK for Marvel, DC and Charlton during the 1959/1960 period. I'll go into more detail on this and post some examples later

Phase 2 - Printed Pence Priced Variants

My earlier post details what Charlton pence books exists in this phase. In respect of the general history for the top three of Marvel, DC and Charlton, in 1960, Thorpe & Porter take hold of Marvel and solicit books with pence printed prices but stick with importing cents priced stamped copies for DC. I’m not sure why we have to wait until 1971 for DC to get actual pence printed copies, but there you go (see my DC pence thread for more details). L Miller take over Charlton books from 1960 for 3 years, and also a few Western Marvel titles for one year (see my L Miller thread).

It would be interesting to know how the US comic importing empire was carved up during this time by the UK based publishers, and how it came to pass that Thorpe & Porter got Marvel and DC, and L Miller got Charlton and a few Marvels. Either way, it all seemed to happen around the same time and it would be great to hear the story from someone who was around at the time (if they’re still alive / reading this!).

 Phase 3 - Dual Cents/Pence Pricing

As well as the genuine 1960-1963 pence priced variants documented in phase 2, Charlton also played around with dual cents/pence pricing from April 1973 onwards.

If we look at the summary I put together here…


…we can see that from January 1964 through to March 1973 there were no Charlton pence priced issues – everything had a printed cents price only (I’ve found a few books from 1964 with an ‘R.V. 9d’ pence price stamp on them and are investigating these for a later post).

In March 1973, Charlton produced 20 titles, all with 20c prices. In the next month, April, three dual cents/pence priced issues appear (Beetle Bailey, The Phantom and Popeye). Quite why they only did these 3 is anyone’s guess but from May 1974 through to February 1974 we had a mixture of titles with cents only prices and titles with dual cents/pence prices.

To be clear, there are no variants here. Where the book is cents only priced, every copy is cents only priced. Where the book is dual priced, every book is dual priced. The dates which individual titles begin dual pricing differ, so there is no real pattern or logic to it and none of the titles are obvious pence / UK audience contenders (Beetle Bailey who?).

During March and April 1974, Charlton down tools and produce no titles at all. When they return in May 1974, with higher cents prices, every title is dual cents/pence priced but the pence price stays at 6p. This goes on up to August 1974.

From September 1974, we’re back to a mixture of cents only and dual cents/pence issues and then from February 1975 every title reverts to cents only pricing.

In March 1976 (not shown on the graph above) the dual prices actually crop up again, from May 1976 all copies are dual, etc etc etc all the way through to Charlton’s demise in December 1984

I don’t mean that last bit to sound flippant but Charlton really couldn’t seem to make their minds up which titles they wanted UK pricing on, for which months, and when. It’s all over the place.

The key point to understand here is this – don’t confuse any Charlton books with pence prices on them from April 1973 onwards as variants. They are not, as every copy is the same when dual pricing occurs. The only true Charlton pence priced variants are those I’ve documented earlier from the 1960 to December 1963 phase 2 period. Unless I’ve missed something during my research of course - I’m always happy to be proven wrong, as it means people are interested / paying attention!

As an aside, to me, the quality of the Charlton books flagged significantly during the 1973 onwards phase. They don’t look anywhere near as good as the 1960’s books and I suspect the reason Charlton is less loved than say Marvel or DC is largely down to the quality of their output from the seventies onwards. So it’s back to those sixties books in the next post.



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:whatthe: Charlton 15 Cent Price Variants (March / April 1962) :whatthe:

In an earlier post I promised you some genuine USD price variants. The focus of this thread is pence books of course, but when you’re doing your research things sometimes crop up which you can’t ignore.

Whilst scouring the web for pence copies of Timmy the Timid Ghost, I spotted this cents copy of #31 which I duly purchased:



As you can see, it has a printed 15c price. All other copies (except for our 9d copies of course) have 10c prices (10c image courtesy of eBore):



Here's my pence copy's price while we're at it:



So why does this 15c version exist I thought? After finding no information online, my first consideration was that it might be a Canadian copy. So I searched but I couldn’t find another one like. If it were a Canadian, you’d have thought there would be another example to be found given that there were 75 Charlton titles running around the time. So probably not a Canadian then.

Timmy the Timid Ghost #31 is the last 10c issue. #32 is the first 12c issue. So my next thought was that it might be an error, or perhaps a price test variant.

Then one night I was Googling away and found this website which had previously eluded me….


It contained the following comments:

Charlton Publications (See King Features and Modern Promotions)

 Texas Rangers in Action #32(3/62) exists as a Type 1 Test Market 15 cent Cover Price Variant. All comic publishers considered raising prices in 1961, and by mid 1962 all standard comics cost between 12 and 15 cents each. The following 16 issues from March 1962 may exist as Type 1 Test Market Price Variants: Brides in Love #29, Fightin Air Force #31, Fightin Army #45, High-School Confidential Diary #11, Hot Rods and Racing Cars #56, Konga #5, Lil Genius #37, Love Diary #20, My Little Margie #40, Nurse Betsy Crane #15, Romantic Story #59, Six-Gun Heroes #67, Space War #15, Submarine Attack #32, Teen Confessions #16, and Timmy the Timid Ghost #31. Earlier and later examples may exist. Type 1a Canadian Price Variants exist from for all books cover dated 2/83 to 8/84. Some Charlton comics with cover dates from at least 5/61 through 11/63 exist as Type 1a Pence Cover Price Variants, as do sme issues with cover dates from at least 10/73 through 5/76. 1957 saw some test market experimentation with funny animal, romance, and war titles, but these were regular editions stamped with a pence price. Haunted #62(7/82) exists as a Type 10b Variant with inverted contents.

Sixteen different Type 1 Charlton 15 cent test market cover price variants from March 1962 may be out there, but currently Space War #15(3/62) and Texas Rangers #32(3/62) are the only two examples confirmed to exist. Such 15 cent variants are so scarce and unknown to collectors that no sales have ever been reported, and only four total copies are confirmed to exist(three #32s and one #15). No additional 15 cent variants surfaced in the last year, and real value is difficult to judge without any money changing hands. I find such cusp era variants interesting and hope collectors will share acquisitions with me and/or the Guide so I can disseminate the information


The author, Jon McClure, wrote a variant article for Overstreet and lays claim to having discovered the Marvel 30/35 cent variants. Whether this is true I don’t know, but his article was admirably detailed, open and must have taken many years to research.

With his info in mind, I dug around some more and managed to find a further three examples which I purchased as follows:

Sweethearts #64



Li’l Genius #37



and I love You #39



Li’l Genius is a good one, as the price appears on the cover twice:

5aacdfa5e04bd_LilGenius3715ccrop.jpg.847956a1c060b5bcf1d6a9f8de560414.jpg  5aacdfa73d87e_LilGenius3715ccrop2.jpg.8bb40fb8e6bb4308338c68def6eab4a0.jpg  


Given how carefree Charlton allegedly were as a publisher, it would have been funny if they had forgotten the bottom one wouldn’t it?! A book with two different prices on it would have confused everyone very nicely. I wish they’d done it on purpose :insane:

For all four books that I have, the cover price is the only difference between the 10c / 15c copies – the indicia (when you can read it!) and everything else appears identical:






Even though these aren’t pence related as I’ve said, I still think they’re extremely cool and I may try to complete a set as a side project. It looks like they exist for the months of March and April 1962 and, if so, and notwithstanding what Jon McClure wrote, these are the issues that may therefore exist based on my research:


March 1962 (3 of 20 Confirmed)

Fightin’ Air force #31

Fightin’ Army #45

High School Confidential Diary #11

Hot Rods and Racing Cars #56

Hunk #4

Just Married #24

Konga #5

Li’l Genius #37 – CONFIRMED 5aacdfa5e04bd_LilGenius3715ccrop.jpg.847956a1c060b5bcf1d6a9f8de560414.jpg

Love Diary #20

My Little Margie #40

Nurse Betsy Crane #15

Romantic Secrets #37

Romantic Story #59

Six Gun Heroes #67

Space War #15 – Noted online as existing but no pictorial evidence

Submarine Attack #32

Sweethearts #64 – CONFIRMED 5aacdfabec9c8_Sweethearts6415ccrop.jpg.b5b899a63442c986c458b8091ea21c06.jpg

Texas Rangers in Action #32 – Noted online as existing but no pictorial evidence

Timmy the Timid Ghost #31 – CONFIRMED 5aacdfb7177c5_TimmytheTimidGhost3115cCopyCrop.jpg.f48fd99f120505e14f0bd7919f3a3881.jpg

U.S. Air Force #20


April 1962 (1 of 21 Confirmed)

Atomic Mouse #47

Billy the Kid #33

Black Fury #35

Brides in Love #29

Cheyenne Kid #33

Fightin’ Marines #46

Fightin’ Navy #103

First Kiss #25

Freddy #33

Gorgo #6

I Love You #39 – CONFIRMED 5aacdf9e86f21_ILoveYou3915ccrop.jpg.571375c10bd057ee4a36ef1ea01629c9.jpg

Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #29

Outlaws of the West #36

Reptisaurus #4

Secrets of Young Brides #30

Strange Suspense Stories #58

Sweetheart Diary #63

Teen Confessions #16

Teen-Age Confidential Diary #11

Teen-Age Love #25

Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshall #41


It actually makes sense for them to exist for 2 months, March and April, as Charlton published bi-monthly so covering two months would have ensured that all titles were included in the market test prior to the formal switch from 10c to 12c.

So, 41 possible issues of which I have 4 confirmed and a further two noted by Jon McClure as existing. If anyone has any more examples, or any other info on these to share, please dive in. If I get any more, I’ll post them.


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Sometimes when you start out on a new project you find a bit of information online, forget to save it, and then can’t find it again. It’s a schoolboy error - always save / bookmark your information! :pullhair:

In the early days of my research I remember finding reference to Charlton ‘no price’ variants. Try as I might, I can’t find again online what it was that I originally found, but I did recently find this reference on a Charlton related blog:



So unless my memory has cheated me, that makes two separate references to the same thing and, therefore, something to follow up on / explore :banana:

Here’s the picture of the Atomic Mouse #44 lifted from the Charlton blog I found:



Sure enough, it looks like there is 'no price'. Here’s a copy with a US price for comparison:



Could it be that the price was removed and the pence price wasn’t applied? Or is it just a sticker? I found a copy online, ordered it and here it is:



It’s a sticker :p



Obviously, the book is a pence copy as you’d be able to see the cents price given its size relative to the sticker. And anyway, you can see the pence price when you hold my copy up to the light. So at least I know a pence copy exists (I haven’t found one without a sticker yet).

The image from the Charlton blog looks like a different book to my one. Could there be multiples with a sticker? Then I noted that the owner of the blog 'manipulates' his images to make them look better. So the likelihood is that he has manipulated the picture that was used by the seller of my copy for his site!

So, probably just the one copy, and probably no ‘no price variants’ exist after all :sorry:



Or do they….. hm



Flipping stickers! :pullhair:







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Charlton seems to suffer from a perception that everything they did as a publisher was done ‘on the cheap’. It’s not a perception I share I have to say. I think they rock, warts and all :headbang:

They have their share of printing related issues of course, most notably in my experience the failure to use enough ink when printing the internal indicia details. They didn’t put the issue number on the covers in the early years, so running out of ink on the indicia was a masterstroke to further hamper the would be researcher.

How things were printed has always interested me (hence my Marvel Price Font thread and my ‘which came first – pence or cents’ price pontifications) and I like all the little unexplained nuances that you can find.

Take these two copies of Gorgo #6 that I picked up for example (Gorgo....:cloud9:):

5aace57b9a9f4_Gorgo6b.thumb.jpg.ee86ac18b95758abd94182c67d1f8ec7.jpg  5aace582e65ac_gorgo6a.thumb.jpg.1bb2427c64ae34a57cd041318cf1a8cf.jpg


How is that the placement of the ‘LM 6d’ price differs on each book? One is very clearly further right to the other. How does this happen if the books are part of the same run? Does the plate slip? If so, wouldn’t all of it slip? Odd.

5aace583d8693_gorgo6a1.jpg.04db9ec88f644b0f99b893e9a22f7346.jpg  5aace585a9819_Gorgo6b1.jpg.0d269b7d8dd438e4177d6a04f00609a0.jpg


And while we’re at it, what is Gorgo doing with those crabs? They’re pretty freaking big crabs, I have to say, so maybe he’s bashing them together to be free of them rather than do what the rest of us do and pop to the chemist for some cream.

Still on Gorgo, here’s a nicely miscut #14 with a nice big white stripe across the top:




And something has clearly gone wrong with this Submarine Attack #39:



Abort mission!

There are some cents copies out there with blank interiors that I have seen but I’ve yet to find a pence copy (eBore example below).


Every time I receive a new book in the post I cross my fingers for a blankety blank. Maybe one day…:wishluck:


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One of the fun things that can happen during collecting is finding the notes and comments of former owners in with your newly received books.

Take a look at the notes on this backing board that came with my pence copy of Unusual Tales #33:



Isn’t it great to see how much thought went into the appraisal of this book by its former owner? It’s not in that great a shape, but the love that comes through is heart-warming. Whoever he or she was, they clearly loved their books and they had a great approach to documenting them.

As they say, “Great comic!”

I salute them, whoever they were and will be keeping this board with the comic in its new mylar sleeve

Brilliant. :cloud9:


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Any excuse to post pretty pence pictures. Look at the cool ‘Miller’s’ stamp on the back of this copy of Unexplored World #27:



Presumably we’re talking L Miller?

Well placed stamps are great aren’t they. They add character :smile:


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Last Charlton post for today - hope you've enjoyed it so far.

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but is there a reason why Charlton medical staff always seem to be standing in doorways?

Answers on a postcard please (or I could just ask Quincy. He always knew what was going on, and which corporate bully had been poisoning the water supply etc)... (thumbsu

5aace87eb29f4_CynthiaDoyleNurseinLove67(Vol.2)December1962(9d).thumb.jpg.99724a834eb2822a35eee71bc04b3dfa.jpg 5aace88242c3c_DoctorTomBrentYoungIntern4(Vol.1)August1963(9d).thumb.jpg.00d7164cd8714c53ddc3a115eab79a4f.jpg 5aace8858e43a_DoctorTomBrentYoungIntern5(Vol.1)October1963(9d).thumb.jpg.4dce62fde72b0bd6dc7ae755d55b77ef.jpg 5aace888be1ab_YoungDoctors3(Vol.1)May1963(9d).thumb.jpg.4202dbc3bc290458f5573a1f0748b67e.jpg 5aace88bca779_YoungDoctors6(Vol.1)November1963(9d).thumb.jpg.ea6a2f6c97ad19040d870b819ff4657f.jpg 

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what a great rabbit hole to invite us all down!

I like the first example with the paintbrush and the car outside which then is later reused and the paint colors on everything have changed but the drawing is the same. I had some romance comics where the ads were for "Get rid of those skinny Legs" or "Get rid of those fat legs", or "Become popular, amaze your friends! Learn to play the... Piano."

But it takes a special attitude. 

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1 hour ago, 1950's war comics said:

WOW ! Charlton art is just amazing !!  i used to think charlton was DREK... now i can appreciate it , i only read partway through the thread so far  ....

Drek? DREK! :mad:



1 hour ago, 1950's war comics said:

I want a "Just Married #28" now ... the attention to detail by Joe Sinnott paid to the scenery outside the couples door is intricate and amazing......

That's more like it Craig :smile:

1 hour ago, AJD said:

Love your dedication to the arcana of pence copies. :applause: 

And I would totally buy "Fightin' Nurses".

Cheers AJD, coming from a dedicated pence price person (albeit disguised as AUS schillings) that's some compliment :grin: Can 'Fightin' Nurses' the Movie be far off do you think? hm

22 minutes ago, Glassman10 said:

what a great rabbit hole to invite us all down!

I like the first example with the paintbrush and the car outside which then is later reused and the paint colors on everything have changed but the drawing is the same. I had some romance comics where the ads were for "Get rid of those skinny Legs" or "Get rid of those fat legs", or "Become popular, amaze your friends! Learn to play the... Piano."

But it takes a special attitude. 

....and Charlton have that attitude in bucket loads! Well, paint pot loads. Maybe rabbit hole loads. I'll shut up now. :headbang:

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2 minutes ago, 1950's war comics said:

I need to start collecting Charlton romance like i need a hole in my head , but this thread is so concise and persuasive that i am definitely going to keep an eye

out for a couple of the better issues for my collection !! thanks @Get Marwood & I


PS:  NICE AVATAR (thumbsu

Cheers Craig. Don't buy any pence copies from under me though will you, or I'll have to set Reptisaurus onto you. And trust me, you'll definitely have a 'saurus' after he's finished with you :D

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3 minutes ago, Get Marwood & I said:

Don't buy any pence copies

Haha , no just US copies lol  and i have a couple "Submarine Attack" issues and maybe a few more war Charltons ,... but i never realized how nice their romance covers were !

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I think it would be criminal to slab any of these. This material cries out to be read (while lying on a bed sobbing into a pillow in profusely illustrated detail).

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