2018 Annual March Madness CGC Grading Tournament - Final
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Hi guys! I had no idea this would be starting soon! Isn't it still 2018?!? - thanks for giving me a heads up on IG comicquant! While I SO enjoy playing, and you guys are a blast, I need to sit this one out. The day job has me chained to a desk and I am having to schedule date nights to hang out with my books when I can (and the poor hubby is getting sloppy third tier date nights 🤣😂🤣) I would probibly end up making everyone wait until the very last second to turn stuff in, if I got it in at all, and that wouldn't be cool!  I will definitely be keeping up with how you guys are doing and I'm excited to see who takes me out! (Can I keep the tiara?!?)  Good luck everyone!!♡♡ I'm rooting for you!! ♡♡

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