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‘Astro City’ TV Series Based On Comics In Works At FremantleMedia North America




American Gods producer FremantleMedia North America has acquired the rights to Astro City superhero comic book series to develop as a live-action TV drama series.


The Astro City comics, created by writer Kurt Busiek and artists Brent Anderson and Alex Ross, spans 16 (and counting) standalone yet loosely-connected story arcs containing more than 2,000 original characters. It is claimed to be the last, fully fleshed out superhero universe in the English language comic book business that has not been exploited for the screen. Astro City made its debut in 1995 with Image Comics and is currently published by DC Comics.


Despite the fact that the comic books’ current publisher, DC Comics, is owned by Warner Bros., Busiek owns all of the rights to Astro City, which he will now exploit in TV with FMNA.


Busiek and Rick Alexander will pen the pilot episode. Gregory Noveck serves as executive producer of the proposed TV series, along with Alexander and Busiek, for FremantleMedia North America.


“It’s a thrill to be working with Rick, Gregory and FremantleMedia on this,” said Busiek. “Everyone, at every turn, is supportive, helpful and completely focused on capturing the feel of Astro City and bringing it to life as a TV show.”


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Damn, comic book tv shows are coming out of the woodwork every few months if not every year. :popcorn:

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