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Happy Saturday my Friends :hi:

The past few days I've been going through quite a few books with subscription creases and was hoping to gather your thoughts on them and how they affect the grade of a book. My grading skills are a tad rusty after taking some time off so I thought this week I'd tackle some SA's in various states of disarray to work myself back into mid-season form.

Does anyone have a "minimum/maximum grade" that they will assign a book with a subscription crease? Subscription creases will of course differ in their severity and amount of color breaking but I figured that folks out there might have a maximum grade that they will give a book with a sub crease. Or when grading a book with a sub-c they will begin by immediately assigning perhaps a VG 4.0 and then "work their way down" from there and subtract for the other defects present.

I wasn't able to find any examples of how CGC addresses these in the past so if you have a slab with a sub crease what has been your experience? 

Also, many subscription creases won't break color and I'm curious to know if anyone has had experience completely pressing out a subscription crease? Since the crease extends throughout the book I wonder if they've had success with just the covers pressing out and the insides retaining their bend.

And in the rare instance that you had a book that was flawless except for the subscription crease what would you grade it at? Do you think that CGC would (or has in the past) assigned a Qualified grade to it? I've included pics below of a few books that can be used for reference in the discussion.

With the JIM #115 & 116, both books are perhaps a 7.5 without the crease. The Green Lantern is a bit nicer - maybe an 8.0 to 8.5 w/out the crease. The Atom #14 is a bit better than that - perhaps 8.5/9.0 without the crease. I think I'll post these in the PGM Forum as well as a lot of folks might not visit this sub-forum.

Thanks in advance (worship)













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Back in the old days, VG was the baseline for me and then you would grade downwards depending on other flaws. Now I see sub creases on books up to F-. They used to bug the hell out of me and I didn't want any in my collection, but as I grew older I realized you can get a really sharp VG/VG+ book with the only/main flaw being the sub crease. It's something I'm happy to purchase on key books that are out of my price range in higher grades, a nice clean book with a sub crease as opposed to a book with multiple spine issues and multiple corner creases.

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I have no issue with subscription creases, just like Date Stamps, Subscription Creases are part of the History of the Book.

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