PGM Captain Marvel #44
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tight, colorful, bright, flat, square
but it has 2 odd flaws: 1) a dark smudge in the UL corner that definitely smells like smoke, but there is no other smoke related damage anywhere else on the comic.  you cant' even see the wear/smudge on the inside of the cover, same spot, so it's not a major disfiguration
2) the UR corner has been nibbled on a little!   yup, a mouse or something nibbled a little off (see pix!)  nibble gets less as you get more and more into the book
apart from that, this is a super nice copy!!!
very tight structurally
interior is nice, off-white pgs.

Thanks in advance for any and all help! Not sure how much of a hit the chewed corner & smoke in corner would do to a grade. Thanks!






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