WTT(B) 9.0 Marvel Spotlight 5 and 9.0 WWBN32

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Hello,I know this is probally a long shot, but I’m looking to trade my 9.2 WWBN32 and 8.5 MS5 for your 9.0 MS5 and 9.0 WWBN32. 

If not I will settle for buying a 9.0 copy of MS5. Would like to pay anywhere from 1200-1300 for your copy depending on overall look and page quality. Please send me anything you come across. Please someone help me out :) 







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On 4/8/2018 at 6:06 PM, colossus is awesome! said:

Also if someone has a 9.2 MS5 I do not mind trading and paying cash too. 

I have a 9.2 but it is all cash at 2650   Let me know and i would hold till you can sell your copy if need be


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