Sketches for Chris Bachalo GoFundMe: Roux Catwoman, Woods Harley Quinn, Murase Wonder Woman, Gastonny Black Cat

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I'm a collector of Chris Bachalo's art, and have commissioned numerous pieces from him.  It was thru those interactions that I can truly say that he has been the most courteous, professional, and straight-up honest artist that I've ever dealt with.  So when he started a GoFundMe campaign ( to honor his wife's recent passing, it was a no-brainer that I wanted to contribute.  I see that the GoFundMe has stalled a bit here, so I have decided to donate the complete proceeds from the sale of these pieces from my collection to try and help Chris reach his mark.  Please have a look and maybe there is one that catches your eye and you'd like to make an offer.  Thanks in advance.  :angel::golfclap:

Garrie Gastonny Black Cat -


Stephane Roux Catwoman -



Sho Murase Wonder Woman -



Pete Woods Harley Quinn -







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