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Greetings all - In honor of release of Action Comics 1000, I am offering some selections from my collection of Clay Mann covers. Shipping within the USA is included. International shipping will be determined by the location. 

Please post any questions or email at First "claim" on a piece gets it. Email claims count, time stamp on claim will determine who is given the item.  

Payment: Paypal / Check / Money Order / or cash at Con Pick-up (I do a lot of shows)


Action Comics 963 (11 x 17) pencils: Clay Mann - inks: Seth Mann $2,000


Action Comics 961 (11 x 17) pencils: Clay Mann - $2,200


Action Comics 967 (11 x 17) pencils: Clay Mann - $1,800.00


Action Comics 961 (11 x 17) Clay Mann - $1,200.00


Action Comics 964 (11 x 17) pencils: Clay Mann - inks: Seth Mann $1300

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