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THECOMICMONSTER is proud to announce that we will be accepting submissions of comic books and personal memorabilia for both BRAND NEW GUEST ADDITIONS at the 2018 ACE Comic-Con Seattle! More info on the event can be found at

Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch)
Paul Bettany (Jarvis / The Vision)

Price points per signature to have your personal items signed by these actors are as follows:
Elizabeth Olsen: $80 per signature.
Paul Bettany: $85 per signature.

Personal inscriptions: Either of the above two actors (Bettany or Olsen) can inscribe your item for you with a one word inscription or personalization (such as "scarlet witch" or "the vision" or, for example, your name such as "to John" or "to Jane"). The cost for this add-on is $25 per inscription.

GUESTS ALREADY ANNOUNCED (for which we still have limited availability):

Chris Evans

Chris Hemsworth

Tom Hiddleston

We CAN handle flats and posters for you if you are unable to attend the show, so PM us here or email us for all the details.

There WILL be a limit to the number of items each of these guests can physically sign during the event, so if you would like to reserve your spot(s) now, please email, call or PM us ASAP before the op is closed.

Our email is

Get your items ready! Avengers Infinity War is already the fastest-selling pre-sale film of all time! THECOMICMONSTER is ready to make sure all your Avengers related comic books and related memorabilia make it in front of the stars of the film when they sit down to sign!

CGC grading is available for all comic book submissions. There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for you to submit CGC signature series books handled by us during this event under your own account. If you wish to use our CGC account for CGC signature series books handled by us during this event, pricing for MODERN fast track grading service is $40 per book with a $25 return shipping cost for as many books as you choose to have signed, graded and shipped back to you from this event (subject to the availability of signature spots so do NOT wait).

JSA authentication is available for $10 per item on all NON comic book items. This is a serialized sticker (usually placed on the back of the flat) with a matching "witnessed protection program" certificate of authenticity."
There is NO ADDITIONAL charge for book prep, window bagging, CGC invoicing fee or slab cracking on comic books.


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