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I am looking to get several comics signed at an upcoming local convention. Fortunately, CGC and the convention both claim a CGC Witness will be present. I have seen many forum posts about how to get your SS slab but they all were for when there would be a CGC booth at the convention.

My Questions:

When I arrive at Con, what should I do to get my comics signed in the presence of a witness?
What will happen next?
Do I need to be a CGC member? (since there is no CGC Booth offering their on-site services)


Thanks for any/all help!
(I want to get Ultimate Spider-man #1,#3,#5,#100, Spec#1; Ultimate Fallout #1, #4;and ASM #361 all signed by Mark Bagley; and Michael Golden to sign Ultimate Spider-man Spec#1) => Not looking to resale, just for personal collection. Yes, I'm ready to drop some dough.

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What show are you looking to have the book signed at?

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@allstarbatman138, CGC will have a booth at Heroes Con.  No on-site grading, but most shows don't have on-site grading.  They ship the books back to Sarasota for grading.

You can go to the CGC booth to discuss with them how to get items witnessed for SS.  In general, if it's for a creator or celebrity with a short line, you go to the CGC booth, and when a witness is available, they'll go with you to get the item signed.  For creators/celebrities with longer lines, when you get near the front of the line, if you have someone with you they go back to the CGC booth to get a witness, or if you're by yourself, often CGC will give you a number to call or text when you get near the front. 

And you don't need an account to submit at a show in which CGC will be present, but if you're going to spend at least $150 in grading (which it sounds like you will, since each book would be $30, or $40 for fast track), it's a no brainer to get a premium membership, because while it costs $149, it includes a $150 grading credit, so it basically pays for itself, and then you can track your submissions online.

Hope this helps!

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