X-Men 129 9.8, X-Men 101 9.4, Hulk 180 9.0
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Up for sale are some Bronze Age goodies.


1st :takeit: in the thread trumps any on going negotiations. 

Price includes shipping via USA if outside please contact me first. 

Returns allowed up to 5 days once recieved. 

Payment Via PayPal or check. 


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5 hours ago, colossus is awesome! said:

X-men 101 White Pages, 750 shipped 

last 4 sales: 790, 750, 750 and 782 


That's a great looking X-Men #101.  Nicely centered and no white strip on the spine!  :luhv:

This was the very first grail I ever purchased at a comic con back in the 80's.  Paid a whole $24 for a near mint copy!


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