[CLOSED] HIGH GRADE and HUGE KEY comic issues for SALE! Ms. Marvel #1 Black Panther #1 Avenging Spider-Man #9 (1st Captain Marvel) Amazing Spiderman #135 (2nd Punisher) and MORE ~ EBay auctions

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Comics for sale
High Grade and Huge Key Silver-Modern Age comics for SALE! Links Below:
*Note* some auctions are not live yet, please be patient



MIGHTY THOR #169 Origin of GALACTUS Silver Age High Grade VF Kirby Lee

MIGHTY THOR #166 second appearance of HIM Adam Warlock Silver Age Stan Lee Kirby

TALES TO ASTONISH #93 Incredible Hulk Vs Silver Surfer 1967 Silver Age

NIGHT NURSE #4 - RARE Hard to Find last issue 1973 Bronze Age Daredevil Netflix

AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #9- 1st Appearance of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel NM

TALES TO ASTONISH #93 First appearance of The LEADER Hulk 1964 Silver Age

MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #28 first solo Appearance MOON KNIGHT High Grade 1976 Bronze Age

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #40 CGC 7.0 Origin of Green Goblin Silver Age Stan Lee

WAR IS HELL #9 first cover appearance of DEATH Rare Hard to Find 1974 Bronze Age

AVENGERS #54 First appearance ULTRON cameo NM HIGH GRADE 1968 Silver Age

IRON MAN #22 NM High Grade CGC worthy! Crimson Dynamo Titanium Man 1970 Bronze Age

BOOSTER GOLD #1 - first appearance High Grade NM Dan Jurgens 1986 DC Comics

CAPTAIN MARVEL #18 - Carol Danvers origin into Ms. Marvel! 1969 Silver Age

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #135 2nd appearance of The Punisher Gerry Conway

INHUMANS #1 - first issue Black Bolt Medusa Bronze Age 1975 George Perez

DAREDEVIL #131 First Appearance origin of BULLSEYE Punisher Netflix


*SOLD* BLACK PANTHER #1 NM High Grade first series 1977 Bronze Age Jack Kirby


AVENGERS #181 first appearance Scott Lang Ant-Man High Grade VF 1979 Bronze Age

MS. MARVEL #1 first issue NM CGC Worthy! Carol Danvers Captain 1977






Thanks for looking!
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