Random comics for you to buy on the cheap! - Now 20% off!

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Back with some random goodness! I'm trying to unload what I can for cheap so that I can have some fun at this weekend's Denver Comic Con! So please help feed my addiction!


  • Paypal only please. I'll PM you with details after we've made a deal.
  • Shipping is $4 flat unless several books are purchased, in which case it will be $1 per book after 3 books.
  • Shipping is typically 1 to 2 business days after payment is received.
  • First :takeit: wins.
  • Nobody on the probation list or the Hall of Shame.
  • If there is any pressing or restoration, I will list it.
  • I'm not a professional grader so all grades listed are best guess. Because of that, I will accept returns up to 7 days after you receive the book(s) for a full refund if you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase!



Black Panther Collector Corps #1CC (F/VF, has a line/bend across the cover) - $2



Black Panther #1A (VF/NM) - $9



Amazing Spider-Man Collector Corps #16MCC (NM) - $6



Ghost Rider #1 (VF/NM) - $9



Superman #18 (Newsstand Edition VF/NM) - $15



Deadpool #69 (VF/NM) - $18



Infinity Gauntlet #2 (F/VF) - $9



Invincible Iron Man #9A (VF/NM) - $9



Avengers #223 (VF) - $18



Spawn #1 (VF/NM) - $10



The Walking Dead #129SDCC (VF/NM) - $20



Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #16F (VF/NM) - $7


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125 posts

That's it for now, folks! I'm open to offers so if you see anything you'd like to make an offer on please don't hesitate to ask! Thanks!

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No takers?!? Let's do 20% off! Take these off my hands, people!

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