[CLOSED] AMAZING FANTASY 15 CGC 5.5 OW/W pages No MC, TTA 27 CGC 5.0 CVA Exception OW/W

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Selling two big books today. Rules are simple.

1. No HOS

2. No game Players (price is as marked)

3. Payment to be in 1 payment, Check.

4. Must have some Kudos, dated before last few days

5. Will not take a pile of small books in trade. Might take a few elite pages of marvel bronze or silver age art, thats about it.

6. Shipping covered in cost, must be signed for by person who made payment


lets start the show

CGC 5.5 OW/W Amazing Fantasy 15. Book has name written on back, dana miller (hi dana if you are out there). No MC's. Pages good quality, color good, Just a great copy..................................................NO LONGER FOR SALE


2. CGC 5.0 Tales to Astonish 27 OW/W with CVA Exceptional Cert. Everyone says "my book should be graded higher" but generally i found CVA books really should have been. This is  5.5+ with the best color ive ever seen on this book. But it is what it is, so 5.0 is how i have to price.

.................................$3999 (SOLD)



If you want either, send me a message. Again no need to waste time with dodgey schemes or goofy piles of little books offers. Ill listen to original Marvel Hero Bronze and Silver art (or copper covers) but only if they add up and its only a few of them at most. Also if trading , since cash is king, trade would have to excede value of cash im looking for.


Not trying to be rude, just saving some time. Items will be shipped by UPS and will go to confirmed addresses only to be signed for by you. Inside the USA only for now.

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Wow nice looking AF 15! Might wanna put a back cover scan as well (thumbsu

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10 minutes ago, Ricksneatstuff said:

TAKE TTA 27 :takeit:

Sigline is getting ridiculously awesome Rick. (worship)

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