Lot of 17,000 Burger King Toys/Sets- SpongeBob, Simpsons, Nintendo, MIB & More!!
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Up for sale today is a lot of approx 17,000 Burger King toys. 

90% of the lot are sets, 99.99% of them are in their original packaging, just a small quantity of loose toys.  Each tub is sorted and marked(see sample pic below).

Lot includes:

(5) tubs Men In Black 2 (2003) sets
(4) tubs Jimmy Neutron sets
(4) tubs Ugly Martian sets (2002)
(17) tubs SpongeBob Squarepants sets
(9) tubs Spooky Simpsons sets (2002)
(2) tubs Nintendo sets (2004)
(7) tubs 2002 Dragon Ball Z/Powerpuff Girl sets (2000)*

*These are packaged separately but joined together in groups of two- when the meal was purchased you would be asked "for boy or girl?" and then they would be separated at the perforation holding them together.

Price is $8500 or BO, pickup only, located in eastern MA.  More pics available if needed.






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On 6/19/2018 at 5:57 AM, maraxusofkeld said:

How did you acquire such a large amount of these?

1 happy meal at a time. He has a problem. 

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