2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest - Round 5
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:news: Round 5 ends at 10:00 PM EDT on Wednesday June 20/18.

Book 9: Marvel Tales #96 Cream to Off-White Pages

(a little red scanner glare on top edge at right)



Book 10: Ghost Rider #1 Off-White Pages

**Please note: there is a white scuff that starts at the top right of the front cover and heads down to the spot in front of the native's face, middle right.  This is a stupid scratch on the case, not the book**



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6 minutes ago, FineCollector said:

Like for the Punch-Out gif...even though I never figured out how to squeeze a body blow in on Soda Popinski!


In my youth I beat that game by staying up all night, several nights. 

I got the classic nes mini (which gets rereleased June 29th, check your local gamestop) to play it again... I couldn't get passed the soda pop pink guy....I'll keep on trying (thumbsu


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22 minutes ago, Kramerica said:

Ever notice how most of the people on the cover to Marvel Tales #96 are actually happy? Everyone is happy as can be. Some are even blushing.

the lady in the red dress is having a gay old time

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3 minutes ago, Mr.TawkyTawny said:


when he launched it, it had safe foam tip-not when it came back though.  Right in the eye sokkit.

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