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Hey all,

I have been looking on the board for a topic dedicated to fan mail from comic creators, and was surprised to not have found one! I know Fanmailbiz has a forum for it but I know many more people use the CGC boards compared to that. So I decided to create this topic so we can all share our fan mail successes, and also our unsuccessful letters, and help each other add something personal to our collections from a favorite artist or writer. In my opinion, sending letters to creators is one of the funnest ways of obtaining a hand written response, signature, or sketch, it's such a rewarding feeling getting a personal response back from various creators, although the wait can be long, it is worth it in the end. I'll start off by showing some of my favorite successes from comic creators I've gotten over the years,


Success from John Romita Sr. after I sent a letter to him in 2016, he was kind enough to sign and sketch this print, and included a nice note! about a 3 month turnaround.


Fan mail success from joltin' Joe Sinnott last year! Huge thanks goes out to Joe and his son Mark for making this happen, always wanted a Thing sketch from Sinnott.


Fan mail success from Adam Kubert! Sent Adam a letter saying how much I was enjoying his run on PPSM, and he was kind enough to include this sketch with his response, which I was very thankful for.


Randy Emberlin success in 2017, included this great Venom sketch.

I have also received responses from Steve Ditko, Peter Laird, Chris Pratt, and others! Looking forward to seeing some of your fan mail successes! Hope we can all help each other out in adding legendary comic creators.

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