Infinity Wars 1,2, 3, Gauntlet #1 plus 13 bonus books , $15 plus shipping.
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These belong to an older friend and I didn't say " please don't leave them with me fast enough."

The books belonged to her son who recently got married and moved out.  She says he doesn't have time to sell them. She also thinks he bought them off the rack. He probably did (he's in his early 40's).

Anyway...paypal only please. 

No returns on these but if you are unhappy let me know and we'll work something out (I just don't want them back;)

I'll ship them anywhere, however you want them shipped. 

They are NOT bagged and boarded but are from a smoke free home.. 

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25,304 posts

I should add that I know very little about modern books. I think the Infinity War and Gauntlet ones are probably the best in the group, so you are buying those, the rest are bonus. These books have been read but are in decent shape except for the Infinity Gauntlet 1 that has a tear on the back.

The Hulk book has his origin in it, it's in nice condition and looks interesting.

Price is $15 plus exact shipping for the 17 books.





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Re the Bonus books (and some of them look to be better than 8.0) 

Included are the following

Spirit of Vengeance (Venom) #5

Wonder Man #2

Transformers #55

Fantastic Four #348, 366

Showcase #7 Penguin 

Showcase #6 Huntress

Steel #5

Superpro #1


The Incredible Hulk #393 Special 30th Anniversary Issue

Quasar #1

Star Trek #60

Star Trek the Next Generation #60



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