Getting in contact with people on the CGC census?

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I am very curious about the answer to a question I have regarding the CGC census. Is there any way for me to get in contact with people from the census (people that have already graded the book). Normally, I would just search for the book on eBay, but there are no copies of this book on eBay that are graded, let alone in the grade I desire. There are three books graded in the condition that I desire. I was just curious if it was possible for me to get in contact with them, or if this is a privacy violation. 

Thank you

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43 minutes ago, dena said:

Thanks for contacting us. In the interest of privacy, CGC does not provide submitter information.

I had a feeling this was the case. Anyways, thank you for the response. 

Have a good day :) 

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5 hours ago, Spawn1709 said:


I think we are talking about two different things here, Census vs Registry. You asked about the Census, where there is no info about the owner or submitter. The above suggestion was for the Registry, if the owner adds his book to the Registry.

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15 hours ago, aszumilo said:


If you click on the owner's name, in the Census, it will bring up a menu where you can send them a message. 


No,this suggestion is from the Registry, not the Census. NO such thing on the Census.

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