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Hey Folks,

Looking to sell a few pieces (reduced prices on some previously offered for sale), and willing to negotiate:

Esad Ribic Punisher:  $800 (down from $900)

Jorge Molina Nancy Callahan $350 (down from $450)

Clayton Crain Apocalypse $150 (down from $200)

Pearl Jones by Robbi Rodriguez $200

Thor by Matteo Scalera (11X17...poor pic, let me know if you want a scan) $500 obo

Wolverine vs Ninjas by Matteo Scalera (22X17) - $1200 obo


Hit me up if you're interested in any of these pieces, folks.  Thanks for looking!






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18 posts
20 hours ago, visarspike said:



What size is the apocalypse page?

It's 11X14.  My Apologies for not listing the size originally.

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