The Amazing Spider-Man #3 (2018) Possible Misprint?
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Hello everyone!

im new to the comic book collecting scene, just picked up my Spider-Man #3 LGY#804 Non-Variant 1st Print, and noticed an error on the 10th page.

there is an un-even "oval" of missing ink over one of the cells, the spot is completely smooth and in mint condition.

can anyone tell me anything about this? how it may have happened? or what it may be worth, if anything?

Thank you all in advance :)


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Opinions vary on errors.  Some errors occur on every single copy of a book, so those are their own special-but-not-uncommon category that isn't usually worth much at all.  For random errors, it might be important to try to figure out how often the error was likely to have happened.  Some might be one-of-a-kind for all the copies and some might be 1-in-10. There are really an infinite number of possible errors, since the errors could occur on any page, for any color(s), for any size, etc.  When an error "adds" to a book, such as a double-cover, there are collectors who like those errors because they get something "extra" and so they may pay extra.  When an error "subtracts" from a book, such as missing pages or missing ink or a bad cut, collectors may still decide that it's "cool" if the book is normally seen as a collectible (such as Spawn #1 without any black ink), but common books with missing parts are more likely to be seen as "shouldn't have been sold in the first place".  There are collectors who like oddities, but there's no specific market value that applies to random chance.  

It's very cliche, but also true... it's worth whatever you can get for it.

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