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I have placed several pieces for sale in my CAF FOR SALE Gallery, you can find the following pieces:

  1. Uncanny X-Men 495 page 21 pencils by Mike Choi from what I know no inked piece exists.
  2. Birds of Prey Volume 2 (2010) Issue 4 page 6 pencils and inks by Ed Benes
  4. Red Son Batman version colored commission by Dave Johnson
  5. Eric Basaldua Wonder Woman colored commission by EBas
  6. Reborn Issue 03 Page 30 by Bryan Hitch
  7. Gary Frank Superman Secret Origin Issue 5 with inks by Jon Sibal featuring a very nice complete body image of Superman!
  8. Batman The Dark Knight (2011) Issue 05 Page 10 pencils by David Finch inks by Richard Friend
  9. Y The Last Man Issue 06 PAINTED COVER by JG Jones
  10. Y The Last Man Issue 04 PAINTED COVER by JG Jones
  11. Y The Last Man Issue Issue 33 page 14 Characters on page: Captain Belleville, X-O by Goran Sudzuka
  12. Y The Last Man Issue Issue 40 page 19  Characters on page: Pregnant Hero & Beth (Yorick's sister) by Goran Sudzuka
  13. Y The Last Man Issue Issue 47 page 05 Characters on page: Dr. Matsumori, Dr. Ming and Ayuko Matsumori (Allison Mann) by Goran Sudzuka
  14. Y The Last Man Issue Issue 53 page 04 Characters on page: Bobbi & Waverly by Goran Sudzuka

Timothy Guerrero's Original Art for Sale CAF Gallery link

I am willing to listen to reasonable offers so feel free to PM. I am also willing to consider some trades so feel free to look at my CAF Want List and to reach me for proposals.


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