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Hi everyone. A few years ago, I got a bunch of Marvel variant #1s off of Gamestop's Powerup Rewards thinking some day I may be able to sell them if they are worth anything. A few years have past and I decided to at least investigate if any of these are worth something. I know nothing about grading. All I know is that I've kept the comics in good condition and kept them in their bags I got them in and carefully took them out while taking the pictures. The Marvel Gamestop variants include:

All New Captain America #1

Amazing Spider-Man #1

Star Wars #1

Star Wars #4


Princess Leia #1

Darth Vader #1

Death of Wolverine #1

Guardians 3000 #1

Groot #1

I also got a standard first printing of Superior Spider-Man #1. Here are the pics to all of them just so the post looks a lot neater.

I'm just wonder what grades would you guys give the Marvel ones and if you think any of the Marvel ones are worth grading

Lastly, I got a Loot Crate replica of Action Comics #1 and the regular Action Comics #1000 I was thinking of just keeping myself because I'm a big Superman fan. I'm just wondering what types of grades they get. I mean I assume 9.8s since they are still in the bags but I'm just wondering

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Sorry but those are terrible pics to attempt to give grades. Some did stand out with some obvious damage. You mentioned bags but not Boards. If these are only bagged and not with Boards they are much more susceptible to damage. I think you would be better served taking the pics against a solid background and displaying them here vs a link. Also, please only list one book at a time and don't bombard us with too many at once.

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