WTB Strange Tales and Doctor Strange (v1)
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looking for copies in presentable condition.  

will consider anything from VG (4.0) to VF/NM (9.0) 

prefer raw copies, but will consider graded books as well (I can always crack the slabs)

will look at books outside of the condition ranges above and may consider case by case

using recent ebay & GPA as a general guide for prices.

here is a list of the issues I am currently looking for.  will likely add additional issues after I work out a deal with my LCBS for what they have available.

Strange Tales 111

Strange Tales 115

Strange Tales 126

Strange Tales 127

Strange Tales 135

Strange Tales 148

Strange Tales 157

Strange Tales 159

Doctor Strange 169

Doctor Strange 182

Please PM me or reply here if you have anything available.  Please include pics front and back and asking price in your replies.  Thanks!

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