Selling one book at a time and they used to cost you a dime
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Last book for this time around 

Shock Detective Cases #20


Spine tear going through. Some staining. Spine roll. Some creases. 

$50 Sold!


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I would have had the last one but my OCD wouldn't let me knowingly post with a typo so I deleted it and started over.  

That one shouldn't count in the total!!!



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2 minutes ago, retrocomics said:

And that's a wrap folks! Will clean this up and post a recap of the few remaining shortly. Thanks so much everyone!

Thank you!  This has been a fun sales thread.  :cloud9:

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5 minutes ago, Robot Man said:

Dang... Missed ‘em all. Working sucks. Some cool books at great prices. 

Same, I checked the thread right before I threw some burgers on the grill and there was no activity since Friday (I think)...  Caught the last book.  Thats what I get for eating.

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Hey guys. I am sorry for the delay in shipping these books out. I just got back from New Bern from my grandparents home which was hit from the hurricane. It's been quite a mes and lots of damage. Your books will be going out shortly! Tons of apologies to those waiting for thier books. 

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