Comic legend Marie Severin Passes away
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Another legend has passed she worked with some of the greats during her time and was content to field the limelight. It must be harder on those that worked closely with her and her family, imagine how Stan Lee feels hearing such sad news especially this year alone.:foryou:


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I grew up a big fan of the Sub-Mariner and although it’s the Everett version I love best this issue is the first back issue of his title I obtained from a friend growing up and it remains my favorite Marie Severin Subby cover to this day. The 60’s beach vibe with Triton on the cover walking away and the fish-out-of-water theme just would have gotten me to pluck down the 15 cents required quickly if I was collecting back then...




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On 8/30/2018 at 12:48 PM, Ken Aldred said:

Very sad.

One of the greatest colourists in comics history, incredibly talented, and, consequently, one of the most important contributors to my all-time favourite comics publisher, EC.

Other than some of her humour material, I’m less familiar with her pencil and ink artwork, I’ll admit.


Marie Severin did the pencils to one of my favorite Thor covers of all time - Thor #158. She did the head sketch on that cover while Kirby did the action poses.

I'm not overly familiar with all of her work but that head sketch alone showed me that she was a great.

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