WTB: War Comics 11, War Fury 1, Witches Tales 25, Zatanna 15, etc.

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for the following books with no restoration:

1) Witches Tales #25 - (let me know what grade you have)

2) Any Timely (All-Select, Cap, Human Torch, Submariner, etc) or golden age Schomburg war issues from other publishers.  I have a bunch of them, can't remember issues, just the covers.  If you have any that you are willing to part with, please let me know.  I am looking raw or graded issues, in the 2.0 to 3.5 range for these, no resto at all.

3) Weird Science #9 - (let me know what grade you have)

4) War Comics #11

5) Trick r' Treat CGC 9.8 signature series

6) Tales of the Crypt #35

7) Real Life Comics #5, #7, #13, #15, #26, and #28.

8) Zatanna 11, 15 & 16 raw.  These are the Adam Hughes covers

9) War Fury #1

Also looking for any Macross/Robotech and Godzilla toys.

Thank you!

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I have a Zatanna 11 for sale. I have a 15 too, but it’s raw....probably a 9.4 


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