For sale - Goran Parlov original art at FACTS convention 2018.

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Hello everyone!

We'll be with Goran Parlov at FACTS convention in Ghent, Belgium from September 29 - 30, 2018.

We'll be selling original art from Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher, Punisher Max, Fury Max, The Platoon and Spectacular Spider-Man 300. 

If you are interested in Goran Parlov original art and will not be in Ghent, you can contact me here or via e-mail:


Here are some samples:

FURY MAX iss1 pg13 - $450

FURY MAX iss2 pg5 - $450

FURY MAX iss3 pg3 - $450

Marvel Universe VS The Punisher iss3 pg5 - $750

Marvel Universe VS The Punisher iss4 pg6 - $480

Punisher Max iss36 pg19 - $700

Punisher Max iss53 pg 6 - $999

Punisher Max iss56 pg20 - $540


Shipping cost varies on the country of the buyer.


FURY iss1 pg13.jpg

FURY iss2 pg5.jpg

FURY iss 3 pg 3.jpg

PUNISHER iss 3 pg 5.jpg

PUNISHER iss 4 pg 6.jpg

PUNSHER ISS 36 PG 19.jpg

PUNSHER ISS 53 PG 06.jpg

PUNSHER ISS 56 PG 20.jpg

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