PGM: ASM #129 (just pulled out of one of my boxes from 1993 purchase)
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Hi I’ve recently got back into comic collecting and would like to CGC some books. This one I am not clear on. I’ve had this book for a very long time, I got it for 65.00 which seemed like a good deal back then. There was a company some of you will remember a magazine called Wizard, and they had a ‘more protective’ comic case available at the time, which had their logo on the bottom right. This prevented fading where the logo was. Now it’s very faintly visible. So it’s not ink that damaged the book but rather the sun damage didn’t hit where the logo was. I think I had this book on my wall for a bit in 2000-2002.

there is also some sort of damage on the bottom left (if looking at cover). It hits the entire book. This was how I got the book, may have been a newsstand/packing issue.

So I am trying to get a general idea on the grade. I’ve learned a lot the last 3-4 months on grading but not near some of the detailed feedback I’ve read. 

Im also curious if I should press this, and or dry clean. Thanks for any input. Tried to give a good amount of photos, can provide more.


















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I'm gonna say because of the fading 5.0/5.5. the cut at blfc seems to penetrate the book a fair ways too, both those flaws won't, imo be compensated by having it pressed. Others with a better knowledge of this will hopefully advise

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What a cool book! The sun shadow Wizard is awesome and I myself wouldn't consider that a defect in any shape or form. CGC will though, even so, I think this book shouldn't deserve anything less than 7.0

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I would say a 5.5, The slice/ spine chunk hurts , otherwise a sharp looking book even with the cover fade. interior looks sharp!

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I’m also around a 6.5 mainly because of the fading

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