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On 10/22/2020 at 10:47 AM, StingerMcK said:

Yeah I'm torn, since it says Very Small amount of color touch, but who knows how big or small that is.  I got it for a good price since it was restored, compared to blue in the same grade.  Would the grading notes be specific on where the color touch is, or any other details?

If I keep it as is, its still a beauty book and I'm OK with that.

Of course you got it for cheaper, books from the 70s and up with restoration are avoided like the plague since non restored copies are in huge supply. If anyone thought they could get a better valued book by scraping off the colour touch, that would have been done long ago. No matter how small it is, restoration removal would keep this book far away from the high grade range. Grading notes will not be specific, but it doesn't really matter for the reasons I mentioned.

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8 hours ago, BMoreLauren said:

Recently started buying again, focusing on newer books this time.


Welcome back Lauren :hi:

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8 hours ago, B2D327 said:

This week’s pick ups:

the X-Men 101 seems to have been banged pretty hard due to some staining on the back cover but I will be cracking the slab to see what I can do about it. Both Thor 225s look promising too.






Love the G-Force! I watched the on TV.

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