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16 minutes ago, porcupine48 said:

Sorry if I'd already posted above...anyhoo! Sure she's beat up but I dig the colour scheme, and,for I think it was a buck or two for a buck-my poor mans My Romantic Adventure #50 lol 


Romantic Adventures 50 @shiverbones I think I swiped from you shiverboneyard blog?

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WhoOoowee I wish I still had that 

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Just now, shiverbones said:

WhoOoowee I wish I still had that 

I bet!(noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!-just for your loss  lol  ) I need one too,that copy was nice. :( 

Just wanted to make sure I was giving credit,shows up when you googly the issue so that's sorta cool you're internet superfamous!

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16 minutes ago, shiverbones said:

I think Craig yoe ended up with that, I could be wrong. To think I found it for $15 at a Cincinnati con :ohnoez:

I have gotten several cold calls about it over the years, I guess that’s why, the power of google


Took me a second on Yoe but lucky for my brain I was just looking at his big ol' Voodoo book today.Would have driven me mungo.

Be cool of he used it in one of his thangs,I think I have the Weird Romance with that,I'll have to take a closer look next I run into it in the ,ahem,structured chaos!

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8 hours ago, porcupine48 said:

I buy most of my comics to read-well,I try to read all of them,not like I'm big spending anymore lol and these,well,best to look at!Just awful inside.Terrible.I'd love to find some pretty ones though,these aren't SO nice to look at



In relation to that cat, that mouse is HUGE! He puts our nyc rats to shame

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31 minutes ago, dover said:

From a boardie, arrived today. Re-building the Peanuts collection back into shape.

Tip Top Comics 185 CGC 5.5 C-OW.jpg

Tip Top Comics 186 CGC 3.5.jpeg

Tip Top Comics 187 CGC 6.5 WP.jpg

Tip Top Comics 188 CGC 5.5 OW-WP.jpg

Those are beautiful b-e-a utiful like do you see these in my collection soon lovely

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@greggy I loved seeing those Paragon comics in your post! I always pic up those or AC books with that look when I can find them in nice shape.Got a stack from Kin a few years back in his buck bin :cloud9:

@dover doesn't get much more nostalgic to me here seeing you post the Peanuts !:luhv:

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