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2 hours ago, D84 said:

I said I was done buying golden age, but got a very generous bonus at work.744608010_Batman07.thumb.jpg.1a258a5a7e7af1781fb6aa7878c9b21a.jpg1797922411_Batman20.thumb.jpg.dffc5a05fef60a60ff1dea66a7335739.jpg

Nice! I need a Batman 7, some great stories in that one.

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I just got a score I worked on for over a month lol. I work nights and I was doing odd searches on FB marketplace looking for comics and found the ad I uploaded, showing a pic of 41 and listing star wars comics 41 & 42 by the month they were produced and no # sign on the issues and it had been up for months!

I reached out and they were very slow to respond, sometimes days in between responses, but I just stayed patient and nice and finally a few days ago they responded and asked if I still wanted it, after several days and my last message being "give me your paypal email so you can ship it" and no response to that for days.

Today I got my sweetest score yet, 41 & 42 for 60 bucks shipped! Gotta love stuff listed oddly! Not 9.8s but in pretty good shape for being shipped together in 1 bag with no board lol score!




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On 1/5/2021 at 3:02 PM, porcupine48 said:

Do you guys have those small local box boxes,mini free libraries around?I found this


Tucked into this 1971 unused at all dot to dot.My score of the year,I was excited about the kids book!


Very cool!  There’s a fellow up the street from me that makes “Little Libraries”.  Pretty cool.  We also have ones dedicated for food as well. 

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