Spawn #9 newsstand with manufacturing error
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On 11/3/2018 at 9:44 PM, RockMyAmadeus said:

I think your estimate is much, much more in line with reality than Chuck Rozanski's...who, it must be mentioned, had been dealing exclusively with the Direct market for 25+ or more years by the time he came up with his infamous "newsstand estimate." 

Late Spawn newsstands...especially past #100...are a BEAR to find. That's when I can imagine print runs of 10,000 or less, but, still keeping in mind that the newsstand, thanks to Borders and Barnes & Noble and other booksellers, might have done slightly better during that time period (1998-2005) than the Direct market. We just don't know, and currently have no way of finding out.

But...again, it has to be kept in mind that newsies went almost exclusively to individual readers, many of whom probably save them, but only to the tune of 1 copy those copies have a much harder time trickling back into the marketplace.

But look at Spawn #1. 31 copies for sale, right now. People have been made aware, and that book has trickled back into the marketplace. I doubt the numbers for Savage Dragon #1 or Wildcats #1 were significantly less. Thankfully, Youngblood wasn't sold on the newsstand until later. 

Speaking as an avid spawn and newstand collector, 7-10%  of issues 2-12 is about right, an 10-12 of issue 1.  Now as far as 9 goes i have had and have several newstand 9s and I have never seen the error mentioned.  Cool book.  Now i am saying Newstand 9 are Scarce, but that error is Rare.  There is a difference.  

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I just found out one of my copies of Spawn #9 is a newsstand with the poster, but it has the regular newsstand pages.  So I've been trying to figure out more about it.  Especially since I've been thinking of getting it signed and graded.

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