WTB: Mystery Men Comics #7 - Blue Beetle Key/Bondage Cover

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Hello all! I am looking to buy a Mystery Men Comics #7 (Golden Age, 1940, Fox Features Syndicate) in 3.5 (VG-) condition or lower (CGC or RAW), restored/qualified is fine as long as the book is complete. As far as restored and qualified are concerned I can go higher than 3.5 in condition as long as the price point doesn't exceed what a CGC universal 3.5 would be. I am open to offers outside of this range, so feel free! For price points on this book I will be referencing the most recent Overstreet since there is too much rarity in sales to reference anything else. I'm aware that there are only 8 copies of this book on the census that are 3.5 or lower but I'm hoping someone has a raw copy or one of those lucky individuals are here and looking to sell! Thank you all for reading my post!

Note: Picture of cover attached for reference.


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