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6 minutes ago, comicdonna said:

What can I say.  It's the only modern comic I owned.  I got rid of that sucker a few weeks ago.  

lol nice!

i had a raw copy i sold a while ago for good money... i bought this with the money made and the rest... i put in my pocket

i much rather keep this long term over ba#12 and its another great cover from ross


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On 1/19/2019 at 1:03 AM, gradejunky said:

Another DH book by same artist as Predator series-Raymond Swanland.  He's done thousands of illustrations for MTG and fantasy/sci-fi book covers for many years.  Here's one of his Aliens covers from about the same time as that Predator cover.

Cover for Aliens (Dark Horse, 2009 series) #4



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6 hours ago, engelhard said:

I use to be a big spawn fan but i have never seen that issue... is that a promotional comic or something?

Yes.. It was given 1 per retailer who stocked spawn, and not for resale. 

Once I discovered had to have..  Great piece of art and get dazzled by the chromium chains and logo..  ( first and only use of chromium on a dozen book to date I believe) 

The interior is collection of black and white spawn cover art 

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