Jeff Edwars & Steve Lydic DYNAMIC DUO Sketchbook and MINI OPP

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Jeff and Steve Launched their 1st ever combined sketchbook (DYNAMIC DOU) last weekend at Louisville SuperCon.

The book was limited to 25 numbered copies and 3 APs

The art inside features both B&W and Color scans of sketches from my recent opps with both.

Check out the inside content via video posted on facebook by clicking here 


If you would like to purchase an un-sketched or un-colored copy (only a few remain) please PM me or visit my STORE

The back cover is blank and the front cover is FULLY COLOR-ABLE. 


If you would like to get a copy with a sketch and or colors here is the break down

- Sketchbook $25

- Colors on FRONT COVER ONLY - add $40

- Bust sketch on Back cover - add $50

- Colors over Jeffs sketch on back cover - Add $40

- Add $50 for CGC grading and return domestic shipping


I have attached some examples of the book and ones colored/sketched on





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