Captain Britain #1 (1976)

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I'm thinking about having this copy of Captain Britain #1 graded but I was hoping to get some opinions on its condition first. When I bought it almost 10 years ago the seller claimed it was mint. I immediately saw a few flaws but decided to hold on to it anyway. There's a very slight divot in the top left corner of the cover near the upper staple. The left edges have some rounding. And because of the cheap newsprint style paper there are two distinct paper creases across the cover. I'm assuming this is not uncommon among these issues but not sure how forgiving that would be. Otherwise it looks to me to be close to a 9.4- 9.2. Mask is sharp and clean with only a bit of yellowing from 42 year old glue. So would you have it graded now or wait and sell it as is unslabbed at a later date? What kind of grade do you see it getting slabbed? Thanks! 

CB #1 cover jpeg 001.jpg

CB backcover jpeg 001.jpg

CB mask 2 jpeg 001.jpg

CB mask1 jpeg 001.jpg

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I think you are dead on with the 9.2-9.4 assessment. Most of the flaws are on the back cover and it looks like a press would get you into the guaranteed 9.4 territory with a shot at the nosebleed grades.  Really nice copy!

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