Pressing improve spine stress lines?
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Will pressing correct/improve books with slight spine stress lines?

These are lines without any color break.


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The first step is to identify a comic book’s “good” defects and “bad” defects. In short, good defects can be diminished or removed with pressing, and the bad defects cannot. Here is a comprehensive list of both:

Good defects (do not break color) Bad defects
Light creases
Minor spine stresses
Impacted corners or edges
Ripples (with no stains present)
Spine rolls
Stacking bends
Cover impressions
Light pencil marks (usually in white areas)
Creases that break color
Missing chips or pieces
Detached staples or staple tears
Spine stresses that break color
Fingerprints or smudges
Dust shadows or sun shadows
Rusted staples or rust stains
Rounded or blunted corners
Pen markings or printer ink
Cover veins
Brown or brittle cover or pages
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