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I am looking for a few of the Batman comics from Grant Morrison's run in a CGC 9.8

List of books:

Batman 665 

Batman (1940) 665

Batman 667

Batman (1940) 667

Batman 673

Batman (1940) 673

Batman 674

Batman (1940) 674

Batman 675

Batman (1940) 675

Batman 677 Tony Daniel Variant

Batman (1940) 677B

Batman 678 Tony Daniel Variant

Batman (1940) 678B

Batman 682 Regular and/or variant

Batman (1940) 682ABatman (1940) 682B

Batman 683 Regular and/or variant

Batman (1940) 683ABatman (1940) 683B

Batman 701

Batman (1940) 701

Let me know even if you just have one of these issues that you would sell.

Thanks : )


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