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Wonder Woman Issue 46 

Cert #2044204010

Still won’t add into the set Wonder Woman (Rebirth - 2016) even after your last update for it.

Updated. Thank you for your notes about issue number.

Mollie, I wish you all the best in your new endeavor and thank you for all the hard work that you have giving to us.

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On 10/3/2019 at 1:21 PM, ADAMANTIUM said:

Can we please add to the registry of "Amazing Spider-man complete- including variants set"

Amazing Spider-man #607 $3.99 newsstand price variant


@RegistryAdministrator why did this get crossed out but not added ??? and can we add ASM #606 $3.99 newsstand edition while we're there... I'm confused as to what happened?


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Hello Mollie,

could you please add the following books to both The Punisher (2018) , and The Punisher Complete sets

Punisher #1(2018)-MikeZeck.com Edition (certification #2499556004)

Punisher #2(2018)-MikeZeck.com Edition (certification #2499556009)

also The Punisher(2018) series #10-16 and the variants applicable..

—Thank You again for all that you, and The CGC staff do. :headbang:

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Hi Shannon,

Can you add Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #24 to the list with the rest, I believe it came out 4/07.  Thank you!


According to our CGC database we have not yet graded a Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #24 so it is not appearing in our system. Once one is graded it will automatically added to our census.

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Apologies in advance, but for certain rare or quirky issues I have no idea how to find a registry set that includes them.  In this case the book is the Marvel 1967 one-shot called "America's Best TV Comics" ... can anyone point to a set I can use to hold this book?  Thanks!


As a more general question, is there any way to search for sets that include a particular book.  I know there are several books in my collection that appear in multiple sets, and it would be good to be able to look up available sets for a particular title / issue number.

This comic is a one issue series and therefore does not qualify for it's own set (comic series sets can only be created for series with two or more issues). However, it could be worked into a custom set. 

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Hi!  In a request dated October 18, 2019, in this thread, I noted that I believed my copy of Pure images #v2 #1 had been incorrectly identified as Pure Images #2 in the "Dave Stevens Covers" set.  

Consequently, Pure Images #2 was removed from the set ...

Well … I was wrong!  There is a Pure Images #2 as well as a Pure Images #v2 #1 … both with Dave Stevens covers (see Pure Images # 2 below).

Please add again to the "Dave Stevens Covers" set:

Pure Images #2 (2059132004)        
These are separate slots in the "Dave Stevens Cover" set.

My apologies to N2WDW (Mike) for having it removed and that it affected your book in the Dave Stevens set!

Pure Images #v2 #1 CGC 7.0.jpeg


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Hello! :hi:

Can we please remove 2 issues from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Volume 1) set?

The two books in question are the 1988 "Street Collector's Edition" and the Gobbledygook book.

The TMNT (Volume 1) set is meant to encompass the main title (all printings of issues 1-62 and the 5 microseries books) and any reprints of that volume that were released under the Mirage banner.  This category is pretty clearly delineated by Mirage Studios themselves on their website with the final Mirage volume 1 reprint being the corrected Color Special released in 2009 around the time Laird sold the property to Nickelodeon. 

The 1988 Street Collector's Edition features a story that is unrelated to the main narrative of the main series and it clearly doesn't share the same title.  Early TMNT stories popped up in a variety of places.  Allowing one book like this to be added would open up the floodgate for a huge number of books to be added such as The Haunted Pizza, Times Pipeline, Anything Goes #5, Grimjack #26, Sewer Saver, or a multitude of other early TMNT appearances.  None of these issues are Volume 1 issues.

Additionally, Gobbledygook is an anthology book that was another popular format for early TMNT stories, though it doesn't make them part of Volume 1.  If Gobbledygook is allowed to remain, it opens the door for Turtle Soup Volume 1, Turtle Soup Volume 2, Plastron Café, Mirage Mini Comics, and several others to be added.  Again, none of these are Volume 1 books.  Early TMNT?  Sure.  Volume 1?  No.  And to be crystal clear, there are 2 different books that go by "Gobbledygook".  One is a black & white, hand-copied and stapled set of 2 issues that CGC won't grade.  The other is a mass-produced anthology book with a color cover.  We are talking about the latter in this case. 

I appreciate your consideration.  :foryou:

Upon following up with your research, I agree with your proposal and have removed the aforementioned book slots. Thank you for your input.

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On 7/15/2019 at 8:06 AM, Lookin4Newsstands said:

Hi Mollie-

can you add these to the Fantastic Four (Complete with Variants) set:

247 Canadian Edition

248 Canadian Edition

249 Canadian Edition

250 Canadian Edition

251 Canadian Edition

252 Canadian Edition

253 Canadian Edition

286 Canadian Edition


I may be late to the Canadian Edition discussion (if there was one), but I completely disagree with adding these to this (or any) set.  If non-US editions are added to sets, it never ends. For example, I own about 10 different versions of FF 112, should all of those versions be added as well?  If this was discussed and decided on, fine, but if adding these was just a one-off, I'd like to have them removed. Thanks.

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