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Sent some of my own books (bought raw years ago) to be slabbed.


There is a GST exemption code for your own items being returned.


Anyone got their own books back from a presser/dealer/cgc to Australia and what happened with GST?


Its a complete shambles as there is nowhere to get forms etc.

No phone number, nothing, just snail mail to Australian Customs.


If anyone has gone through this process - what happened when your slabs arrived in Australia (besides sitting in a 4 month long queue...)



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6,744 posts

Yeah, thanks anyway, but I have all that.  :foryou:

Treatment Codes: 521, 921

GST Exemption Code: 421 

By-law Numbers: 1304161, 1304168


Above Is the info but there are no forms for anyone in America to add this to, or any info on how to fill out a form if they existed!

The form is 3 pages long with 'tariff' codes, import fed numbers - impossible for anyone but a shipping broker to do ($200 ph here in Australia).

The phone number gets over 15,000 calls a day, and is currently only handling business and taxation enquiries - not GST.

It's a joke - hundreds of postal trucks full to the brim sitting outside full-up customs hangars at the airports.

In it's wisdom all Customs GST requests are sent 'snail mail' - people are getting letters with 60c postage franking asking for 11c in GST!!

People getting unwanted gifts are just leaving them to be sent back or disposed of (after 30 days) by customs.

Plus they are charging $25 per day for each item being 'stored' waiting for GST payment.

All because they lowered the GST threshold from $1000 to $10

If they just reduced it to say $750, then no issue.

Plus when ebay take 10% on sales - they don't pay customs direct, but the federal Govt instead - so, yes, customs still demand ANOTHER 10% before they release the parcel and then YOU have to claim the 10% back either by a form (not available in Post Offices etc) or via end of year tax returns.

The only GST I have to pay is for the slabbing and return postage - not the value of the books as they were already mine here in Australia.

However without codes, I'm looking at GST on the book values - which are actually exempt from GST!

Thats why I was hoping someone had already done this to give me a pointer...


Thanks anyway though!


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