Cheryl Blossom First 10 Appearances, All Canadian Price Variants . PLUS Cheryl Blossom 1 CPV !

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First  :takeit:is the winner in the thread, but will always listen to PM's.

all rules apply

Returns at the expense of the Buyer, with shipping

Paypal is great , No HOS Please

Shipping Included

I will ship overseas also for a cost

Any questions feel free to ask

Thanks for looking



An impossible run to put together . It took me a long time , especially with the Riverdale Craze going on.

10 of the first Cheryl Blossom Appearances . All in Canadian Price Variants . PLUS the Cheryl Blossom 1 CPV ! all are raw.


$725 USD shipped in North America (From Canada)


What you Get , all CPV.

Betty and Veronica 320  (Fine 5.5) .75 Variant

Archies Pals N Gals 161 (5.0) .75 Variant

Betty and Veronica 321 (4.0) .75 variant

Betty and Veronica 322 (Stain on Back VG ) .75 variant

Jughead 325 (5.5) 2nd CB .75 Variant

Archie 323 . 1st archie appearance (5.0) .75 Variant

Betty and veronica 327 (6.0) .75 Variant

Betty and Veronica 328 (5) .75 variant

Archie at Riverdale High smoking cover 96 (7)

Archie at Riverdale High 98 (8) .75 variant

Cheryl Blossom 1 (9.4) 1.65 variant







JUG 325.jpeg

ARCHIE 323.jpeg

ARCHIE at RD 96 SMOKING.jpeg.jpeg

ARCHIE at RD 98.jpeg.jpeg.jpeg

bv 322.jpeg

bv 327.jpeg.jpeg



p and g 161.jpeg

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