Giant CA/MA Sales Thread! ASM's, Spider-Verse, X-Men - Now Discounted! - RECAP on Page 32
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Happy New Year from Kramerica Industries :banana: 

Click HERE to visit the Recap

Thanks to everyone for helping make my Happy New Years SA/BA Thread such a success - it was a lot of fun.  So now I've gathered a plethora of books from the 1980's to present and it's time to offer them up. As always there will be lots of freebies mixed in with some awesome deals, a lot of sets, a gaggle of trades, newer single issue sets and a bunch of CA/MA Keys. Lots of Spideys, X-Men, DD's and more. A lot of newer stuff will be moderns that I've finished reading so it's time to offer them up cheap. I expect this to be at least as big as my SA/BA Thread - I'll attempt to post recaps every 8-10 pages and will respond to PM's ASAP. 

But first, some important info:

  • Paypal, check or money order are all accepted.
  • :takeit: always rules over any PM's or ongoing offers/negotiations. Feel free to PM me with offers. I will not laugh or take offense, so offer away.
  • Shipping will be via either First Class (1-2 books), boxed Priority Mail (cost depending on #/books, weight, etc, etc. ) or in a Medium Flat Rate Priority Mail box for $13.75 and Large Flat Rate Box for $19.85. If you have other preferences let me know - I'm happy to try new things but no media mail. Tracking is included with everything and I'll ship everything within 2-3 business days after payment is received. 
  • I'm happy to ship Worldwide as well but please understand that shipping charges will be more expensive - feel free to contact me ahead of time for shipping quotes. I usually use First Class Air Mail but I'm open to others if you have another preference.
  • Nobody on the probation list or the Hall of Shame. No returns on CGC books and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on raw books. If you're not happy with it, you can return it for a full refund.

I think I've got everything covered but if I missed anything smack me on the head and let me know. Thanks for looking (thumbsu

Without further adieu, Giddy Up!


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