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I made a mistake.  I meant to 'disable bids' but as I was swiping, my arm jerked as I was not being careful and I placed the final bid that won... not a terrible purchase... but I paid more than I wanted to.

I paid today and it is on it's way.  Sorry for those looking at GPA... I think I just accidentally raised the bar. 

Action Comics 52 - Another boardie said that on a resubmit that it might get a conserved label but I don't think that it financially sound to pour more money into it.  However, I have to say, it really is a nice looking 3.5.

As far as Shadowman 1 - I like the book and have not owned a copy.  Bought it for $69 with the BP which is almost half of what I sold my old 9.8 for when there was some valiant hype.  woohoo... 



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