Cho, Dell'Otto, Sean Gordon Murphy, JRJR, Risso, Mcniven, Moore, Wada, and Robinson Art for sale

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Hey Folks,


Just looking to move some pieces, so hit me up if you have any questions/offers on anything in my collection (CAF Gallery).  but for now, I've got for sale:

Emma Frost by Frank Cho (14X21 pencil) - Ask Price is $2k

Juggernaut by Gabriele Dell'Otto (11X17 Acrylic Painted Piece for the XXL portfolio Gabe did for Marvel) - Ask Price is $3k

Punisher by Sean Gordon Murphy (Extremely rare commission from SGM, 11X17 pencil and inks) - Ask Price is $3K

Wolverine:  Enemy of the State Cover by John Romita Jr (11X17 pencils - colored digitally direct from pencils) - Ask Price is $5500

Punisher by Steve Mcniven (11X14 - nearly impossible to commission a piece like this from Steve these days) - $1k

Tony Moore vs Zombies by Tony Moore (9X12 pencil and inks) - $1.5K

Punisher and Nancy Callahan by Ed Risso (11X17) - $1K

Mary Jane by Andrew Robinson (11X14 Painted Commission) - $650

Mary Jane by Kevin Wada (11X14) - $400















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